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Lisa Marie Gallagher

Lisa is a certified Shamanic and Sound Therapist. She offers online healing and guidance sessions which combine both modalities uniquely in resonance with the individual needs of her clients. 

Lisa also leads self-development healing courses, based on shamanic principles, which combine community and skills to develop skills to help manage energy levels, overcome challenges and maintain a healthy sense of wellbeing. 


My practice gently formed from a deep journey of healing and working with spirit and the divine mother. To live authentically is something we all dream of being able to do, often without realising the challenges that lay ahead of us to achieve just that. 

However, there comes a time when we must answer the call to live authentically and to be what is it we are here to be. One day I simply decided to let go of everything that was not resonating, to release fear of being seen. That day, Teampall Croí na Mara rose from the sacred waters and from that this beautiful community space of healing and growth was formed.

Teampall Croi na Mara is Irish and translates to "The Heart of the Sea Temple" which honours my deep connection with the creative light and divine mother of the deep waters and our ancestors.


Teampall Croí na Mara



What people say


Lisa is a beautiful soul and I would definitely recommend her. I feel renewed after our session. She has inspired me with her wisdom and knowledge and has helped me see things in myself that I’ve been neglecting . 10/10

(Shamanic Healing)


Lisa's gentle guidance and insight created a safe container for the experience and allowed me to go deep within myself while also taking in my surroundings and the presence of the people in my group. I appreciated the connections made by Lisa between nature and mental health and I am happy to have learned more about intention setting and integration when working through personal challenges.

(Hike To Heal)


I really enjoyed the elemental journeys programme. In particular I loved the notepad in the fire meditation. Very cleansing. Thank you so much. I really feel they are helping me to reduce stress and feel more at peace with myself. Lisa has a wonderful grounding energy and is so compassionate in her approach to healing.

(Elemental Journeys Meditation Series)


I would highly recommend Lisa! Her work is fantastic, pure and from the heart! Very in tune readings and her journeys with the land work are next level!

(Soul Reading and Land Healing)


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