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Lina Kumar

My name is Lina Kumar.  I hold a BSc (Hons) and an MSc (Distinction) in Podiatry from Plymouth and Brighton Universities respectively.  

I also hold a Nutrition Diploma, which is where my work is focussed at the moment.  I was born and brought up in Cyprus, on the true Mediterranean Diet (MD).  This is what my nutrition practice is based on, as I believe in the ample benefits that this diet offers.  The MD has been hailed as the most sound way of eating, in terms of preventing long-term illness, as well as improving current symptoms.  There is plenty of scientific evidence to show its reduction in cardiovascular events, diabetes complications and cancer risk.  

My passion lies in inspiring clients to improve their way of eating, gearing towards the MD as much as is desirable by them, and to focus their choices on 'real', wholesome, nutritious food. 


I have a passion for real food and the health benefits it has to offer.  My mottos are the well-known ones:

1. We are what we eat

2. Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.

 I practise because I believe that nutrition is one of the four pillars of health (the others being exercise, sleep and relaxation).  If we can change the way we eat in this industrialised world we will gradually be on the way to better health.  

Most of the clients we deal with have chronic conditions, such as diabetes, thyroid issues, other endocrine problems and weight battles.  My role is to inspire and motivate them to make step-by-step changes to the way they eat, in order to enhance their symptoms and overall wellbeing.  


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