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Krys Giaro

Krys Giaro, BA Education & Training, advisor at GHM-Giaro Health Management, specialises in personalised health management. Since 1992 she has designed and delivered "Health and Prevention" programmes in East London and Havering. Her unique outcomes-based and multidimensional model addresses the issues that lead to ill-health and supports people in development of their strategies for health and wellbeing.

As a pioneer of educational health projects such as "Exercise on Prescription", Krys has collaborated with GPs, hospital physiotherapists and other medical associates in East London. Such interventions have proved effective in building resilience in a clientele with diverse and health and prevention needs. They deliver educational support that empowers individuals to cope with and overcome chronic pain or long-term condition, which has a positive influence on their health.

Through a targeted approach Krys's programmes - which can be delivered to individuals or groups - enable participants to develop the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding to attain control over their health limitations. They result in fundamental behavioural change. The individual becomes proactive and confident in making choices for health and wellbeing.

Her preventative health model is based on building people's capacity to improve their wellbeing by addressing their physical, cognitive and interpersonal/social needs; all of which has a long-term, positive impact on their general health.

More information on GHM-Giaro Health Management website

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