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Associations I belong to

The Complementary Medical Association (The CMA)

Katharine Wroe

 I am a Vibrational Healing Master Practitioner specialising in:-

Colour Healing * Crystal Healing * Angel Healing * Usui Reiki * Kundalini Reiki * Angelic Reiki * Crystal Reiki * Sound Healing * Andromeda Healing.                                          

I am also attuned to:-

The Colours of the angels * Sapphire of angels * Gold reiki 2022 * Ethereal crystals, and Animal/Pet Healing... so can help your animal companion live a happy and exuberant life.

I carry out the above modalities as a stand alone treatment, or a combination using my intuition as guidance to help restore the correct vibration of each Chakra to aid the body back into a state of balance and harmony.

The benefits of doing so is far reaching, including the list below... Plus more:-

In a deeply relaxed state the body starts its own healing process

The nervous system is both stimulated & soothed

. The treatments are relaxing.. relieving physical & mental fatigue

. Sleep patterns may improve

Can help relieve symptoms of stress.. restores the body to state of 'rest & repose'

. Blood pressure can be normalised

. Pain can be eased 

. Circulation is increased

. The lypathtic system is boosted

Endorphines are released creating a feeling of happiness 

A sense of wellbeing is restored


I am a professional member of The CMA- (Complementary Medical Association) The UK Reiki Federation and IWOC- (international wheel of colour). 


About Me:- Aged 5 I realised that I was communicating with the spirits of other children on a regular basis, as I grew older even though these visits with the children ceased, I still regularly sensed, felt, saw or heard others.. in particular my spirit guide Linsu. Plus, beautiful experiences with ethereal beings from the fairy and angelic realm.

Aged 7 I had an experience of automatic drawing in primary school where I produced a picture of a TB nurse wearing a uniform which Linsu went on to explain was in fact a drawing of myself from my previous life, which years later was elaborated on further during a past life regression session with a Psychic Medium.

Due to realising from an extremely young age that the world we live in had more going off to it than what we experience through just our 5 senses, this 'knowing' catapulted me into wanting to know and understand more about our planet, myself & my deep sensitivity to energy and other peoples emotions, which ultimately saw me spending hours in the local library reading books of interest to me.. I'm a typical INFJ in that sense!

..... From doing this a deep passion for parasychology, astrology & the subject of life after death grew, alongside natural remedies and holistic therapies.
At this point in time I also learned about the 5 platonic solids, sacred geometry, flower & vibrational essences/Bach remedies, sound healing, meditation, breath work, indian head massage-(IHM), Hopi ear candling, hand & foot reflexology, aromatherapy and amulet healing... all of which I later became qualified in.

At 13 years old I stumbled across my first crystal- (a smoky quartz) in the window of a little olde-worldly shop I felt drawn towards whilst out shopping in town, and absolutely fell in love with how it made me feel upon picking it up, from there on in I was well and truly hooked and purchased new ones every week with my pocket money.
Around this time, I was also introduced to the chakra system when I couldn't take my eyes off a poster on the wall in the shop, and inquisitively asked the owner 'what are they?' & pointed my finger up at the coloured circles. The minute he explained the main 7 chakras that was it, something inside me just clicked, that much so that I immediately bought a book, my first pendulum and a wand, and moving forward learned everything I possibly could about the chakra system, how crystals were formed, what each one does and how to use them for different purposes for the benefit of myself & others. 
Making crystal grids, balancing chakras & cleansing auras was something I spent a lot of time doing for family and friends as a teen... with the grids still being an integral part of my practice today, 29 years later!

When I was 15 years old I realised first hand the powerful effects different colours had on my body when I couldnt get to sleep wearing my red nightie, but later on when I subconsciously switched to a dark blue one I slept til noon. From this I decided do a little experiment with myself and every morning when I got dressed I purposefully chose a specific colour of the rainbow and noted daily how it made me feel and soon learned what colour to wear to boost me up or calm me down, I found the concept brilliant and because of this at 19 I studied Fashion Design at the local art college and then went to Huddersfield University, obtaining a BA Hons Degree in that field as wanted to help other people improve their own health & well being via the vibrational frequencies of the colours they wore. 

Taking this a step further I then went onto train personally to an advanced colour therapy, counsellor & healer level with Suzy Chiazzari.. author of numerous books and expert in colour psychology, colour therapy and holistic design.

Later on, I took my love and passion for energy healing to a professional capacity as it was then possible for me to train and gain accredited qualifications, insurance and membership to specific bodies- (mentioned above!) which of course were all imperative in order to work ethically and professionally, whereas when I was younger unfortunately there wasnt many people teaching it.. not local to me anyway, nor for someone so young, which was frustrating at the time, hence my art and design background which I subsequently followed with energy healing running heavily alongside it... not so much as a hobby, but literally a way of life for myself and loved ones in order to feel great on all levels of our being.

I worked in schools with children with special eduactional needs (SEN) for many years whereby I saw the benefit of a sensory room on the pupils, which is what I have created in my therapy room via the scents and sounds in which I use alongside my treatments for others to enjoy.


To keep up to date with my knowledge, skills & expertise I regularly do CPD work-(Continual Professional Development)... most recently:-

. Health & Social care level 3 award- Distinction

. Health & Social care advanced level 4 award- Higher Distinction

. Support & Care for individuals with Learning difficulties- Higher Distinction

. Cpcab Level 2 award in introduction to counselling skills

. Cpcab Level 2 certificate in counselling skills

. Caring & support for the elderly- Distinction

. End of Life care level 3 award- Higher Distinction

. Infection, Control & Prevention certificate

. Dignity in Care

. Therapeutic Artwork, Healing & Counselling Practitioner Diploma 

. Moving and Handling People in care certificate

. Dementia Awareness certificate

. Person-Centred Care certificate 

. Reiki Therapy and Practice Advanced- Distinction

 * Please feel welcome to ask to see any of my qualifications for verification purposes.


What else I do:-

With the guidance of my spirit guide Linsu I also create power bangles in the colours of the zodiac signs, chakras & the 7 archangels, adding both physical & ethereal crystals, before charging them with reiki energy and programming them with a strong intention to bring an abundance of blessings into the life of the wearer... Thus, creating a powerful amulet.

They will be on sale as soon as my website is complete!


I work from my warm, safe and private treatment room at home, by appointment only from 10:00am-3:00pm Monday - Friday.




The reason I practice is because I genuinely love people and care about their happiness, if I can help just one person in my lifetime realise that tomorrow will be okay then I know I'll have done my job here. I want people to know they are remarkable and unique and to not feel ashamed or embarrassed about who they are. 


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