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21 Mile End Road
E1 4TL
United Kingdom

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The Complementary Medical Association (The CMA)

Karen Chiu

I help women discover ease, radiance & joy in their bodies and menstrual cycles.

♥ Menstrual Cycle Coaching

♥ Guided Meditation & Yoga

♥ Feminine Embodiment & Dance




Flow Radiance was born from my own search for joy and wholeness. I discovered a radically different perspective for living that resonated deeply - one that intentionally nourished the body, heart, mind and soul as a whole by reconnecting to our feminine energy and reclaiming our radiance.

My mission is to support women's wellness through meditation, movement, menstrual cycle awareness and radical self love.


What people say


I had my first meditation experience with Karen. I was skeptical at first, but afterwards I was amazed. I suffer from stress, and this was such an eye opener on how much it affected my mental health as well as my physical wellbeing. After the session, I felt energised, and my usual aches and pains had decreased dramatically. I felt years had lifted off me. I now look forward to these sessions as much as I look forward to a treat of chocolate cake. These sessions make a big difference to my outlook of the week.
Joanne Alden


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