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Justine Jackson

My name is Justine Jackson and I am the founder of Just Be Therapies. I am a qualified, registered NLP Practitioner, also an Accredited Natural & Rahanni Healer with the Healing foundation and a Diploma Practitioner in Indian Head Massage.

I have always found people fascinating, and I have a real passion for helping people. Life can be very challenging at times and we are faced with various situations to deal with. I have first hand experience of many life changing events through out my own life, which I believe gives me first hand knowledge and understanding of some of the challenges people can be faced with. Having had that experience and overcome those challenges, I believe this has made me stronger as a person and helped me to not only fulfil my own goals, but  also helps me to continue to think about and react to other situations that come up more positively.

 Now I want to use that knowledge and experience in order to help others.




For many years now I have always been interested in Natural ways to improve my own health and now I want to use my skills to help others to be able to maintain their own Mind, Body and Soul in a natural way. I find it extremley rewarding helping others feel better about themselves, and see them going forward more positively fulfiling their own goals.


What people say


I can honestly say my introduction to NLP was amazing. I have in the past had numerous therapy sessions and even though I had never heard of this type I am now a total convert. I found the whole process easy to understand and during each session I was completely relaxed and found it very informal, which I liked. Each session was covered using a different technique and I always came away feeling so much lighter and happier, and able to see things in a different and more positive way. I took my learning process home with me and now if I come across an uncomfortable situation, where I would have before became stressed or panic, I am now able to “go back” and re-assess the situation and find a way of controlling it. I feel this is something I will never forget.
I know Justine will be an absolute asset to this industry. I was always welcomed to each session in a professional yet friendly manner. She always explained what we were doing and this made me feel totally at ease. I found her voice very soft and comforting and extremely easy to listen too.
I would highly recommend Justine and NLP to anyone.



Justine came to one of my events to provide a holistic calming evening with her Neal’s Yard products. The evening was a great success which I can highly recommend! Justine was so knowledgeable about all the products and her friendly and informal approach made the evening a relaxing treat for all! We loved it


Had a wonderful healing session from Justine Last night - I actually slept - Thanks Justine

Had another healing session with Justine tonight and it was as wonderful as ever, feeling totally relaxed and balanced. Thank you Justine, can't wait to the next one!

Nicky B


Fantastic experience, would highly recommend Justine. Highly effective, friendly, confidential and professional.



Hi Justine i just wanted to say thank you for the healing yesterday. I am breathing through both nostrils for the first time in 13 weeks. You fixed me where my doctor has failed and I feel great today! Thank you!!
"Last Night was the first comfortable meal i've enjoyed in 13 weeks as I was able to chew and breath at the same time, So very grateful!!



-A real eye opener and to think I had the answers all along , Justine is Highly effective at getting you to find those answers and bring them to life so you can focus on you in the here and now, not what preconditioning has made you believe what you are. Bigger, Better, and Stronger then your basic instincts. Thanks for helping my Journey Justine


A wonderful experience, by a wonderful person. Healing is a very relaxing and rewarding experience. It is made so much better by Justine’s very calm and personal service.
Also the Neal's Yard products are lovely and u trust they are what they say because of the person selling them.



Justine is a lovely lady and can help you with all sorts of issues, I would highly recommend her. X


I laughed, I cried, I felt better. My sessions showed me how completely WEIRD the human mind is, but I couldn't have had a better person to guide me through a very emotional journey. I had a combination of NLP and healing over the period of a few months and it has totally changed my outlook on life- I couldn't recommend Justine more!


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