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The Complementary Medical Association (The CMA)

John McVey

John McVey, Certified Spiritual Coach MCMA IAHT

An Intuitive, Spiritualist & Spiritual Coach, Tarot & Oracle Card Reader, Blogger, Photographer & Videographer.

John has a reputation for being extremely accurate and has been an intuitive reader since 2005. He has a great deal of experience with a variety of divination tools including tarot and oracle cards, runes, Celtic wisdom sticks, crystal pendulums and more.

John is an avid spiritual seeker and has been researching spiritual, metaphysical and a variety of related topics for much of his adult life.

Always seeking to improve and develop professionally, John continues his personal and vocational study so as to continually offer more to his clients.


My young life led me to a particular dislike of prejudice, be it national, religious, or any other kind which seeks to deprive individuals of their right to just be who they are. I believe it is up to everyone to decide for themselves who they are. We all feel our way through life as best we can, learning and growing as we go.

My nose therefore led me towards the older faiths and religions and I quickly developed a strong affinity with paganism, particularly wicca. My personal study over the years finally led to my adopting a mainly non-denominational pagan philosophy, and I became a member of the Universal Life Church in March 2016.

I decided that it’s time to share my experience with others, by offering spiritual coaching and divinatory services and I started up as John’s Oracle in August 2017.


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