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The Complementary Medical Association (The CMA)

Joanne Pronger Faulkner

I am a high-vibin' autoimmune warrior, dog mom, published author (x2), Caribbean dreamer, and plant-based foodie. After suffering for many years with complex regional pain syndrome, systemic lupus, hypothyroidism, and mixed connective tissue disease, I managed to turn my health around and am now helping others do the same.

I am a Body Healing Coach, Aromatherapist, and currently taking the Precision Nutrition Coaching program. I published my debut book called The Autoimmune Warrior's Healing Key in early 2021, and was a co-author in a collaboration called The Truth About Success. (Both are available on Amazon.)

I offer a free facebook group called Holistic Healing for Autoimmune Warriors, and I also offer a holistic healing course/program, and one-on-one coaching for autoimmune warriors who are ready to take action and get their health back on track.

I also publish a weekly blog on my website about autoimmune-related issues in relation to "self-help health," relationships and finances (I have a Bachelor of Commerce degree and was a financial analyst and policy analyst in my former career). Website:

Clients who choose to work with me get a holistic, well-rounded, science-based approach along with my unique perspective in understanding just how debilitating it is to struggle with autoimmune disease. I don't wish that on anyone, which is why it's my mission to help thousands of autoimmune warriors reclaim their health and get their life back too!

I am now also working on a new book collaboration with women from around the world, to tell our stories about overcoming significant health struggles through willpower and determination. If you are thinking about publishing your story but doing it on your own seems too daunting, more information about how to get in on this epic project is available at

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