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The Complementary Medical Association (The CMA)

Joanna Corfield

Equine Informed Therapeutic Healing and Equine Involvement Therapies...for needs relating to mental health and trauma related disorder.

Equine Informed Therapeutic Healing is accessible to everyone. With or without the horses...we have adapted our approaches to create a transformative and invaluable model that can be brought into your home, via skype, a phone call

When not online we are in the open beauty of the countryside surrounded by gentle naturally kept horses and ponies. Our therapeutic approach takes place outside the confines of  four walls relieving pressure and negative expectations.

Hopethruhorses has blended the horses’ natural ability to heal, regulate and balance the nervous system with a carefully tailored mix of equine involvement therapies, hypnotherapy, mindful counselling, energy and somatic (body and mind) approaches. A wide range of psychological disorders, including those relating to Trauma, Anxiety, Depression and Eating Disorders have found the key to recovery through time with us and our naturally kept herd of horses and ponies.

I, the founder of Hopethruhorses discovered the beginnings of what was later to be Equine Involvement Therapies almost 20 years ago, completely by accident. and at the same time stumbled across a remarkable route to my own recovery. Full of intense fear and some extremely misguided interactions with a very special horse, I was taught, guided, healed and enlightened in a way no therapist had ever succeeded in doing.


Hopethruhorses was founded on my own remarkable healing and recovery from a long term(30 years) eating disorder.



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