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Jill Swyers

Jill Swyers – Living Foods for Health – is a qualified Hippocrates Health Educator and has been teaching the Hippocrates Lifestyle for more than 15 years, having studied Nutrition since 1994.

Jill devotes her time to counselling, teaching and lecturing on Living Foods and Raw Foods, as a way to achieve Optimum Health.

Her teachings underline the importance of how to approach eating Living and Raw Foods, which needs to be done with Guidance. It is about going One Step at a Time and linking with a Balance of Nutrition to help Energize, Revitalize and BE WELL.

In Jill’s own words:

“We need to make changes in order to get better and there is no Time Like The Present!

This programme offers an educational insight into eating and drinking natural foods and juices, which help in the healing process. The human body is unique and for it to operate at its optimum, it must be treated with respect and given the nurturing that it deserves. By training and guiding you to prepare, drink and eat the right foods, whilst also removing the craving for unsuitable foods, you will be nourishing both your mind and your body.

The goal is to achieve Balance at your own individual pace, with Guidance – finding what is right for YOU.”

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