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The Complementary Medical Association (The CMA)

Jennifer Wallis

As a mum, I know firsthand how hard it can be finding your feet in your new role and everything that comes with it - the ensuing identity crisis, the balancing act of returning to work and adapting to the uncharted world of motherhood.
My work focuses on helping other mums manage the daily ups and downs of being a parent, by providing simple wellbeing tips and techniques, workshops and 1:1 sessions that draw upon my expertise in Reiki, meditation, journalling and poetry - both in-person and online.
I hold 1:1 Reiki sessions, Reiki training classes, meditation workshops and healing circles - some of these healing circles have been for women who have experienced baby loss, something I have been through myself.
Alongside this, I am a trained freelance journalist - writing regularly about mental health and wellbeing, as well as hosting my own podcast Practically Spiritual.

What people say


"I have had 2 sessions with Jennifer and can definitely feel the benefit in my body and spirit. Jen is super easy to relax around and I really enjoy being able to completely let go and have the reiki experience. During the sessions I experience a mix of an almost trance-like state and also random images popping into my consciousness. I love being able to feel the heat especially around my crown while Jen is working there. After my last session I felt so much more grounded and calm and open. When discussing the chakras with Jen I was given different perspectives through which to look at what I had been experiencing and that felt like a huge shift for me and I was happy to leave feeling I had a new insight to enjoy. Can’t wait for my next session!"
Christina Andrea - Choreographer


"I visited Jennifer one evening after work for a reiki session and instantly felt at ease in her presence. The room had been thoughtfully presented and I felt the stresses of London life melt away. The reiki session itself was incredibly relaxing and powerful, I felt connected to Jennifer as she worked and I even had a vision. To conclude the session and bring me back into the room, Jennifer had written a personal meditation for me, and it was a beautiful touch. Relaxed and refreshed, Jennifer encouraged the room to be a safe space and we spoke about my experience before I left to go back in the real world! That evening I slept the best that I have in long time and would highly recommend a visit."
Abi White - Founder and Director


Reiki was recommended to me when I was extremely stressed and low during an emotional time in my life. After one reiki treatment Jennifer made me feel so at ease and comfortable in her company. It really allowed me to relax and reach a state of calmness I never thought I would. Not only could I feel the stress leaving my body but also my mind. I cannot recommend Jennifer and Into The Wild Healing enough.
Charlotte Eagle - Design Student


"Feeling full of positive energy after my distance reiki session with Jen! What a magical lady; I felt so in tune with her, I could feel the Reiki energy come in, like a warm wave of light, washing over me.

When she gave me the feedback afterwards, her findings were spot on with how I was feeling, and where I had needed healing. Thank you so much! I can't wait for more!"
Alice Foley - Crystal Healer


"I’m so happy I went to a reiki session with Jen. I felt relaxed and had a mix of sensations, from warmth on the parts of my body that she was healing to a pulling feeling. After I left it was like I had removed a really heavy bag from my shoulders. The ambience was very cozy and comfortable and it’s definitely something you should do for your wellbeing and self care."
Juliana Brugnerotti - Model and Mixologist


I’ve had Reiki a couple of times with Jen and definitely plan to return. She creates a really calm space and she has an amazing ability to tune into what your body/ being needs from the session. I find it a great way to really drop into a state of calm whilst feeling supported to do so. Both times I was able to move out a period of a feeling overwhelm from life stresses and blocked emotions.
Kate Selwood - Personal Trainer


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