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Jasveer Kaur (Jess) Chana

Holistic healing is rapidly gaining popularity as people become familiar with the idea that maintaining health involves balance of the body, mind, spirit and emotions. Holistic healers look at the whole of a person when assessing their health needs and will look at diet, physical movement, mental and emotional strain to pinpoint an underlying cause for symptoms that have presented themselves. The aim is not only to heal the ailment the client has presented, but also seek out the underlying cause and promote overall well being.

Discover A powerful prescriptions for enhancing your HEALTH for better performance and minimising stress with holistic healing. AYU-OK Pronounced 'Are You OK', we follow the principles of NUTRITION, AYURVEDA & ENERGY HEALING (science & knowledge of LIFE). We want to discover the root cause of your mental or physical health issues, tailoring therapies to help maintain a better diet, health and lifestyle.
We as Holistic healers look at the whole of a person when assessing their health needs and will look at diet, physical movement, mental and emotional strain to pinpoint an underlying cause for symptoms that have presented themselves. We reprogram the mind - 'Mind over Matter' is our gift. BOOK NOW.
We offer guidance and support through nutrition, herbal tonics and therapies we are not medical doctors and we always ask seek approval from your doctors if you have any doubts with holistic health. 
  •  Nutrition & Ayurveda - Diet, Health & Lifestyle; physical health issues, health checks, blood test (we work with many labs), and many more health checks.
  •  Counselling & Many other mind therapies -  Mental health therapies and nutrition guidance
  •  Energy Healing  - Focus connecting to the deep longing of self connection and healing, removing deep energy blocks 
  •  Herbal Medicine - Herbal Teas, and herbal tonics - plant-based medicine


Many people are beginning to recognize the interconnection of body, mind and spirit and the importance of treating the whole person rather than separate body parts and adopting a holistic approach. They are beginning to see the value in treating health conditions with natural, alternative and preventative methods.

Trauma, emotional and mental stress, false belief systems and blocks to our personal and professional growth can be stored in the energy fields of our bodies, impacting our ability to function at our full potential. These blocks obstruct the vital flows of energy through our body and energy systems that are necessary for our health and wellbeing.

We love to see our clients fully energized - ready to take control of their lives and to sustain the lifestyle forever we continue to support the client even when the treatment has finished.


What people say


I have known Jess for sometime now and this was my first experience of a reiki session. – Felt emotionally drained with feelings of uncomfortable feeling around the chest and throat chakra. Jess is an excellent people’s person with her confidence as a healer and counselor you know you are in good hands as soon as you are around her.

Jess's knowledge and skill, along with her calm and caring manner, quickly puts her clients at ease. During my healing I knew I was in good hands, which allowed me to open to receiving the benefits of the practice, which continued long after the session had ended.

Jess explained what it entailed and created the atmosphere in the room to help me relax. Throughout the whole session I was fully aware that I was in the room having reiki done.

At the end of the session I felt lighter, I felt good and I felt at peace. Jess was good and gave me the time I needed to gather my feelings and gave me guidance on what will happen next which was really reassuring.

I definitely benefitted as I felt very connected with my inner self and so would look to having reiki session on a regular basis. Jess has amazing healing and counseling qualities she is very good with people and bringing them back to being grounded.

Jess is well educated in both her profession and as a holistic healer and counselor, she will succeed in her future bringing confidence to people. She is compassionate, humble, excellent listener and gives great guidance. You can speak to her in full confidence as you know it’s all private and confidential.

Thank you

Jess Kaur (Jasveer)


I would like to thank you that you changed my life in being more positive and able to believe more in myself when it comes to being in control of my feelings and fear on the train. The counseling session helped in removing the image of feeling of being claustrophobia on the train. I was amazed by the hypnosis how I floated on my timeline and able to see all the causes on fear in my life. Thank you so much. I am looking forward to my next therapy session. This has been an eye opener for me.

Raj Nandhara, London (PA)

Jess Kaur (Jasveer)


I have had the chance to get to know Jess and I say without a doubt that you are dealing with a person of very good moral character. Jess operates with integrity, and never has a bad word to say about anyone. She is also hard working and dedicated, and never leaves a job unfinished.
I had a reiki session with Jess and she is thoroughly professional. Jess was very clear in explaining the healing treatment and really understood my reasons for opting for this healing.

I had gone for relaxation and opening of the chakras as I had been feeling low and needed strength. My legs and lower body were continuously hurting. During the treatment I could feel my whole body feeling "lighter" and I had become emotional. I fell into deep relaxation.

I will definitely be recommending Jess to all my friends and beyond. A very good experience!!

On a personal level, may I just say that I really respect Jess, and I have no doubts about her abilities to succeed in the future. She is successful in her current profession as Programme Manager at GSK and to her profession she brings great healing and counseling qualities.


Jess Kaur (Jasveer)


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