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Jane Kersel

Psychospiritual Psychotherapy + astrological bluepint

I work with the entire being of a person, their mind, their body, their heart/feelings, their astrological natal chart, their intutive selves and their connection to spirit (in whatever form or non form that might be).  By doing so a client begins to understand that they are far more than just one polarised aspect of themselves but an entire cosmology.  

Once a client has this awareness change starts to happen, a deeper understanding of the patterns, beliefs, conditioning that subconsciously direct us are brought to the surface and a new framework can be formed.

I work with adults, young adolescents and partnerships.  With partnershps it is very often that we are not expressing important parts of ourselves and can lose ourselves to the relationship.  Often our partners hold the very energetics that we seek in ourselves.  The dance of relationshp can be incredibly healing, it is a living entity that changes over time and unless we are aware and conscious of this that is where the rub can come and issues start to present.  


I practice because in these days without awareness to what runs our shows inside of ourselves we are at sea, lost to the vagracies of life, other people and events.  Depression and anxiety are at record highs in our socieities and the pace of life impossible to keep up with.  There are many tools and ways to navigate life's stressors and issues that i have learnt and have found have worked for myself and many of my hundreds of clients whom have walked through my door.


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