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Jadwiga James

Jadwiga is a licensed Homeopath with postgraduate certification in Homeopathic Detox Therapy, Herbal Medicine Practitioner, Advanced Bioresonance and Access Bars practitioner as well as a tutor at Wellbeing Anywhere. 

She sees patients worldwide via Zoom as well as face to face at Acorn Natural Health Centre located in Heanor, Derbyshire.


Jadwiga holds a special interest in allergies, children's health, as well as hormonal imbalances and gyneacological problems.

She offers a FREE 15 minute introductory phone/skype call with all of her treatments.

What people say


My path to health was full of failures. Wandering from specialist to specialist, from doctor to doctor. Various diagnoses and therapy. Various countermeasures. Only a momentary improvement, and then feel something more .... and unfortunately still worse. Is it because every specialist, doctor, examined and dealt with only a fragment of my body. And I'm not just a body full of organs that get sick. Finally I found a place where they look after me. Yes! they deal with me "whole". If you think I have received a healing pill then you are wrong. I gained experience for many years, I was damaging my own health. I'm getting better now.
J.M. from Poland (review from GoogleMaps)


All I can say is wow what a difference this has made not to only my health but my children's health too. We've used Homeopathy for my daughter who spent most of her life in and out of hospital with asthma untill we came across this and wow what a differencetto her life. No hospital visits or inhalers have been needed for two years now it's unbelievable to be honest but from the very beginning we saw an actual difference in her overall health. I myself have been helped with ibs and painful heavy menstrual cycles also stress. My son is still under treatment for bedwetting but has show significant progress when everything else failed. I can't thank Mrs James enough for all the work she has done and will probably do in the future as she'll be the only person we'll come to for out needs. She's always gone above and beyond for us with her treatments, help, advice and also she's a lovely kind person who really listens to you. I would recommend her all day long.

K.A. from Derbyshire, UK (review from GoogleMaps)


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