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The Complementary Medical Association (The CMA)

Jackson Ambe Ndecheck

Jackson Ndecheck MCMA is Board Certified Master Mental Health Coach and a Presidential Membership with the American Association of Christian Counselors.

Jackson Ndecheck is equally Certified Masters in Executive Leadership Coaching by the IAPO Globally Certified Positive Psychology Master Coach PPMC. A Professional and Spiritual Life Coach with a wealth of knowledge and Competent in several modalities in the helping industry including NLP Master Practitioner by the IG-NLP/ABNLP,  Neuro-Plasticity, Solution Based Counseling, MBCBT, Mindfulness Practitioner/Teacher and Trainer. 

Jackson's unique ability and dynamic approach to Leadership and Professional Life Coaching is rooted in his background experience in Global Leadership, Mentorship in a Cross-cultural context over many Countries and 4 Continent within the past 20 years.

One of Jackson's Signature Niche among others is his Biblical Based Spiritual Life Coaching (The Mastery of Mirroring the science of Human Development, NLP, CBT, and the Science of the Mind) to create a Biblical Scientific understanding of the Kingdom of God. 

Christian Professionals from several Nations have found this not only Life giving, healing, Professional and Self-Empowerment, but also as a Bridge between Bible and Science is real Life application. 

If you desire to know how to express the Kingdom of God through your Profession, grow in you personal relationship with God and become more clear of your Life Vision, Purpose and Destiny for Future Legacy, Jackson Ndecheck is Highly skilled in this very unique Niche, 

Jackson Ndecheck originally from Heaven (as he introduced himself) was born in Cameron and is Married to his Beautiful Princess Wife Anneke from Holland and they both live with their 5 Children in Kailua Kona Hawaii, USA.

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