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The Complementary Medical Association (The CMA)

Izabella Sanda Guseva

Emotional Freedom Technique

Access Bars and Access Consciousness energetic Facelift 

Theta Healing

DBS Enhanced Certificate (2020)

After decades of using alternative terapies, meditation, crystals and nutrition to help myself and my friends and family to get through traumatic experiences and regain health and wellbeing I decided to get certified in healing modalities that I have been using so I can help guide other people towards their healthy and fulfilling lives.  

EFT also known as tapping is emotional accupressure in soft way to help release adictions, stress, fobias and other issues. It can help babies and kids to calm down and release traumatic experiences. 

Access Bars and Access Counsciousness energetic Facelift are hands on soft point on head and face massage that helps to reset and heal your body and energy flow that helps you look and feel younger, more energiesed and focused.

Theta healing uses meditation to help you rewrite your life book by finding the beliefs and patterns that keep you stuck and get them released and rewritten by beliefs that you want.

I have a clean Enhanced DBS check certificate issued in March 2020. 

I can work with children, adults and elderly as my techniques are safe for all ages. 

I would love to guide you and your loved ones to B Healed and become more confident, calm and healthy selves. 

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