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The Complementary Medical Association (The CMA)

Ishtiaq Shah

I have been studying and teaching traditional Chinese martial arts for over 22 years. During this time I have grown to understand the benefits of a holistic approach to recovery and healing of the body. I have studied Qigong (Chi-Gong) and it's scientific relevance to the functions of the human body using both Chinese meridian theory and Western logic.
Over the past years I have studied and developed my skills in Acupressure, Dry (Fire) & Wet (Hijama) Cupping, Cupping Massage, Reflexology, Auricology, Sports Massage, Gua Sha and Dit Da.
Through my martial arts background I have also developed my own unique formula of Dit Da Jow, translated as 'Fall Hit Wine', a Chinese medicinal rub that numbs pain and boosts circulation. Used for injuries, bruising, inflammation and general aches & pains.

I believe that the body should be treated as a whole, where one area may affect or offset another and that we should search for the source of the problem rather than treating the symptom. This enables a person to strengthen themselves internally and externally.

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