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Helius Andreas


My mission in this lifetime and on this spiritual journey is to help, guide and give healing to people who seek my help. I help with my heart, and I am honest with everything I do. I will help as many people as I possibly can who seek my honest help. I and my guides will do our very best to help you with the right intentions and for your highest good. I would love to help everyone who also wishes to learn how to connect to the Spirit World for themselves and help you also on your spiritual path of enlightenment, as well as helping you to connect to your own spirit guide and guardian angel. It is very important to help you to heal yourself so that you can move on and have a happy fulfilling life.



 My vision on this spiritual journey is to help as many people as I can, and to see a real difference made to people's lives. Enabling you to make slight changes within your soul level, will help you to move forward in your life and make you feel good about yourself. My mission is also to help as many people as I can whilst I am still walking on this earthly plane by helping them heal themselves from the grief that have within their lives so they can move on to a happier more fulfi?lling life. I will help and teach others who wish to learn how to connect to loved ones and to spiritual beings of light, so they can teach and help others to do the same. By doing this, we add more light and love into the world, which in time will make a better place to live in. More light means a more positive, happier life.



As before, I sat on top of the bed, propped up on pillows so I was comfortable and not disturbed, and with my eyes closed and in the quiet. I was recovering from a slight migraine today due to being overtired yesterday and I still had the remains of the headache which began last night.

I felt warmth around my head and saw lots of purple light behind my eyes – this lasted longer than during the last two times. I also felt as though I was floating in a cloud of warmth and couldn't feel the bed beneath me for a while. I felt the energy was being directed more at my head this time and still felt emotional, but less so than before.

The heat became stronger around my neck and along my shoulders and then spread down my spine – it was very relaxing. Towards the end of the session I felt my feet and legs cooling off but then I experienced a blast of heat which stayed with me for several minutes after the session had finished. I felt incredibly relaxed and could have gone to sleep at that point. I have little muscle pain and am still sleeping well following these sessions.



I have worked with clients as a reiki therapist, providing supportive healing, for five years myself, but I had to stop due to my own life-limiting health problems. I had not carried out distance reiki myself and wondered at its effectiveness because the therapist was not together with the client.

I was given the opportunity to help with another therapist's training and thought I would like to help someone else, but also that I should experience this treatment for myself to see what happened. I usually experience muscle pain from fibromyalgia as well as other symptoms from multiple sclerosis, including difficulty in sleeping.

To prepare for the session, I relaxed on top of my bed, away from noise, and decided not to listen to any music during the therapy because I wanted to feel the possible sensations without any distraction. Much to my amazement, I felt my palms tingling, saw clouds of purple colour appear behind my eyes and felt heat moving around my body. Initially the heat was as though I was wrapped in a warm blanket but, in later sessions, was also directed around my neck, across my shoulders and down my spine. I felt incredibly relaxed during and after each session. As the session ended, I felt cold creeping around my feet and up my legs and knew that Helius had disconnected from my energy.

After each session I felt relaxed and pain-free as well as being able to sleep soundly and deeply, meaning that I was refreshed on waking. I would recommend anyone wanting to feel better to experience reiki from Helius. The only thing to bear in mind is that the individual should be prepared to be open to accept the energy that is offered and to follow any after-care that is suggested.

I have certainly felt great benefit from this therapy and it has relieved my pain and enabled me to relax and therefore sleep well at night. Thank you, Helius.


Testimonial from Wadza Masaire, a new Client who came for Angelic Reiki Healing:

I have had a couple of Angel Reiki Healing sessions with Helius and they have truly transformed my journey. My main goal for the healing was for spiritual growth which was mainly focused on removal of any blockages that might hinder my growth.

I had amazing sessions where I could feel the effects of the healing during the distance sessions which included chills, yawnings, headaches, tiredness and shivers. Helius provided guidance and timely check-ins with helpful recommendation on what to do after each session to ease the immediate after effects.

After the first few sessions, I had my first experience with Lucid dreams which felt so real, I would know that I am dreaming and it was amazing. My dreams have significantly improved and are not as jumbled up as they used to be.

I have also noted a significant improvement in my spiritual connection during prayers, and mental health and moods. The improvement in my mental health and moods give me an opportunity to look at situations differently, more positively and with better clarity. I am forever grateful as I am clear on what I need to do next for my development as he also assisted in getting answers on the next phase of my journey. I have certainly had a great experience with Helius’s Angelic Reiki Healing session and would certainly recommend it for anyone seeking spiritual growth and an improvement in their mental health.


This is my honest review after 4 Angel Reiki Sessions from Helius Andreas.

My primary objective in trying the angel reiki was to help with my continuous disturbed sleep pattern, and to help with my emotions, grief and anxiety after the trauma of my late husbands death.

Since the angel reiki I've not cried in 3 weeks whilst constantly thinking of my late husband. The Angel Reiki seems to have kept these emotions under control I've slept deeper and not awoken every 2 hours especially at 3.33!!!!! I feel relaxed during the day now, and able to cope. I can certainly feel tingling and prickling during the sessions and 2 weeks ago I felt pressure in my chest. I'm so relaxed after the sessions. Whilst this is scary stuff to me, it definitely does happen, as I can feel when you have ended the session. I feel I've benefited from the Angel Reiki and comforted by you're findings.

I've got some way to go with the restful sleep and feel heartache is still deep within, and anxious that the emotion is bottling up.

You have given me invaluable advise, and I'm amazed at your skills and talent knowing what is deep within. You have helped me tremendously in gaining a quality of life once more.

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