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Eudes Labadie

Managing Emotional and Mental challenges with the subtle energy of colour  

At the Essence of Me, I typically assist and support with the reconnective journey to the authentic self, through heart centered colour healing (HCCH) which promotes balance, wellbeing, inner peace, relaxation, clarity, focus and enables us to validate, acknowledge, love and nurture ourselves. RUN is an acronym for the strategy I use, which allows you to gently: Release, Unravel and Neutralise your emotional/mental pain, simply using the powerful and subtle vibration of Colour Energy! “Eudes is a unique healer – she works from the heart. The imagery injected into my mind was very powerful and worked on a quantum level balancing many aspects” – Tatiana


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Colour is my passion and coming from a background of fashion and colour I felt the need to discover the esoteric qualities of colour and energy healing to better understand vibrational energy.

I am an empath and a natural healer trained in several self-help and healing therapies and come from a strong lineage of natural healers on both my maternal and paternal sides. My mission, motivation, and passion is to reactivate the latent gifts hidden in others by teaching them simple self-help techniques, which use the transformative and magical power of colour.


What people say


I was pleasantly surprised at the difference in well-being when I started to undertake Colour Healing treatments with Eudes. Not only is Eudes great as a Colour Therapist, she has a lovely nature and enjoys educating clients as to how they can continue this work after her treatment sessions are completed. I would highly recommend Eudes work and practice.

Dee - South East London


“I am in love with colours and finding a colour therapist has been a blessing. It was my first experience in working with the energy of colours and I loved it. Eudes is kind, gracious and very intuitive. She connected straight away with my energy and made me feel at ease. She also gave me wonderful guidance on how to restore balance easily. Eudes is a great inspiration and I strongly recommend that you visit her at the Light Centre.
Many blessings, Alex V.”
Alex Vitillo at Breathing Heart


Ability to get to the root quickly. Trust. Empathy. Compassion. Humility. Concern. Genuine interest. Listening. Love and reassurance. Guidance. Spiritual. Counselling. Plain speaking and honest. Feel you are going through it with me. Strengthening. Gives hope. Tells it like it is and non-Judgmental or critical. Meditates and peaceful. I'm not going mad. I'm not bad. I'm not worthless. It's not my fault. Help to re-evaluate, put own feelings first and look after yourself. Value.. this is how speaking to you makes me feel.
Lots of love. Sharon
Sharon W - London


"Thank you so much for my healing. You are one special healer. I feel AMAZING.

Following my healing with you I found myself sleeping deeply that night and woke up the next morning feeling refreshed and peaceful.

Over the next few days I experienced more energy and optimism than is usual for me and have since managed to tackle many little jobs which till now I have found myself too tired or apathetic to even contemplate. The colour diagnoses pinpointed my energetic blocks showing the areas most beneficial for me to work on in my own personal development and, hopefully, through more healing with you.
It would seem my get up and go is definitely back! Thank you Eudes.

~ Monireh"

Monireh J - London


I felt that my heart was sad and needed mending and that something was blocking me that I couldn’t sort myself so I went to see Eudes as she had been highly recommended to me. I was a little nervous as I did not know what to expect but she explained the whole process thoroughly, made me feel at home and was quite simply an angel. The treatment was really moving. I was amazed that by barely touching me Eudes was moving my energy and emotions and it came out in tears. That evening I was exhausted by it but even by the next day I can honestly say that I felt much better and that whatever was blocking me to move forward with my life had been removed. I only needed to see Eudes twice to complete the process (I believe this varies per person) and would definitely go back if and when I might need to.

Manuela Alvarez, Sales & Marketing Exec, London


"Had an other profound experience in colour therapy today.... Lycée and Michael were present pure white light exploded out of my chest living in my truth became ever more clearer whilst held with Divine love
Wow bring it on Eudes does it get any better than this I am totally blown away"
Fifi Lambshtrumph


Eudes's healing technique is an effective and close to one-off session of colour application. I did not notice how she very skilfully took me in a very vivid imaginative world that felt so real. I stayed there only for a few moments, but this experience helped me recharge my being with those energies identified by Eudes.

Eudes is a unique healer – she works from the heart. The imagery injected into my mind was very powerful and worked on a quantum level balancing many aspects.

I would recommend trying Eudes's colour technique healing.

Tatiana Seaman


I have not been running my development circle long,but was very happy when Eudes accepted to come along and demonstrate her colour therapy meditation last week.
She is such a lovely warm person,that all my group felt very relaxed and were able to receive a lot of healing.I highly recommend anyone who is interested in colour therapy,to contact Eudes,as the effects of the therapy lasted for days.

"Kind Regards"

Jackie Cox (psychic
Jackie Cox


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