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Elizabeth Clemons

“Live Blood Analysis looks at a tiny pinprick of your blood using a high powered specialised microscope that uses specific lighting to reveal the state of your health.

The analysis looks at your live red blood cells, your white blood cells (immune system), the platelets that help the blood to clot (thrombocytes) as well as the plasma they are suspended in.

The size & shape of the cells along with any signs of vitamin/mineral deficiency, crystals, parasites, bacterial forms, yeast markers, fungus & bacteria can be seen by you and the practitioner together. The likely causes are considered & solutions offered to attain optimum health and well-being. You will receive a report along with your blood pictures. Results & pictures are monitored and recorded to keep track of your progress.


“It is an amazing experience, everyone should have Live Blood Analysis”

LBA also enables practitioner and clients to monitor the results before, during and after treatments.

It is encouraging and highly motivational as one can observe the blood begin to reflect short and long-term changes for the better.


What people say


“It is an amazing experience, everyone should have Live Blood Analysis”
Pierrot Margetides


"I had Live Blood Analysis and made some changes to my diet & lifestyle accordingly. My energy levels have skyrocketed and I no longer have constant bloating and digestive discomfort!"
Michael (Brighton)


“I've only been following the advice for a few days and I can already feel the difference. Amazing!!"

Shaleena (London)


"I found the consultation fascinating and very useful thank you, and have begun the changes to my diet. I received the recommended book "Eat Right For Your Type" today and am currently typing up a list of very beneficial foods and ones to avoid. The information in your email is very useful too thank you.

I have been telling everyone about you and you will shortly be receiving calls from my family and Friends"
Maxine (London)


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