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Dr Sreenath Nair

Ayurvedic medicine is one of the world’s oldest medical systems. The healing system is well known for maintaining the balance between health and wellness. It uses a range of treatments and therapeutic techniques including oil massage; herbal medicines; special diets; breathing and relaxation techniques.

Panchakarma (five therapies) is a detoxification therapy well known for mind-body rejuvenation. A full body massage pacifies the toxic substances (doshas) of the body, increases energy level and decreases stress. The treatment includes oil massage; nasal cleansing and steam bath.

Ayurveda treatment prevents and cures:

  • Fatigue, joint pain and swelling
  • Headache & Back pain
  • Inflammation on the wrist, hand, knee and feet
  • Stiffness on the neck, shoulders and back
  • Sleep disorders

The fundamental concept of Ayurveda medicine is that your body type (dosha) will define your health and wellness and the potential health issues you may face in the future. Hence, the focus of the treatment is to maintain the balance required for your body type.

Only traditionally prepared herbal medicines and oils are used for treatments!!! 

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