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Melania Anna Duca

Prof Dr Melania Anna Duca is a highly qualified Consultant Psychotherapist with several years of experience both as a clinician and in behavioural science research, now practising at the Orthoderm Private Medical Clinic, Hillsborough. Among the modalities offered at Dr Duca’s practice are a few innovative tools for mental health treatment such as virtual reality exposure therapy within the context of a psychoanalytic approach to mind investigation, which is found to be very helpful in cases of psychological trauma, generalised anxiety disorder in adults, clinical depression, stress and anger management, and sport performance. Dr Duca specialises particularly in high functioning autism and long-term prognosis such as Asperger syndrome and psychological support to late diagnosed “gifted” children.

Dr Duca can help you with:

- Psychological trauma
- Grief
- Generalised anxiety disorder in adults
- Clinical depression
- Borderline personality disorder (BPD), also known as emotionally unstable personality disorder (EUPD)
- Asperger syndrome (AS)
- Weight loss
- Smoking cessation
- Stress management
- Anger management
- Insomnia
- Sport performance
- Personal growth

Dr Duca can offer a range of therapies including:

- Biocentric Psychoanalysis®
- Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
- Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT)
- Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (REBT)
- Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy (VRET)
- Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES)


"My approach is both conservative towards the identity of a person and integrative in relation to the modalities I choose for the treatment. I believe that each one of us is unique and different, so therapy must be tailored on the specific needs of every new client seeking help. My way of working is structured and systematic. A plan is designed and agreed with the client before even opening their folders. I work in cycles of sessions which can last anywhere between 3 months and 1 year.

Confidentiality and protection of my clients’ privacy is a fundamental part of my work.

I often organize behavioural experiments to promote a new form of social therapy which my clients usually like to participate in, and which empowers their journey towards recovery."


What people say


I met Dr. Duca during a competition I won, sponsored by MC International and I got to know and really appreciate how Psychoanalysis works if applied to sport performance improvement. I would certainly recommend.
Linda McI., dressage athlete (NI)


Melania’s PAP is really worth looking into, as the level of competition grows ever higher, there is only so much the rider and horse can achieve within their physical training partnership. PAP is the obvious ‘bar raiser’ to achieving dreams, goals and ambitions whether as an amateur or professional rider.
Norma W., EC Admin. (NI)


I always felt anxious and "in a rush" and I never really got to enjoy the present. After only a few sessions, Dr. Duca helped me put things into perspective and I now feel a sense of calm, everything seems running slower and I try not to stretch myself too far. Doing so had a positive effect on the time spent with my horse schooling and competing.
Meaghann C., dressage athlete (NI)


"I couldn't cope any more with the anxiety (...) in the morning I was waking up and I just wanted to cry and not get up at all (...) now I am ok with the decision that I took. Melania helped me a lot through all this stuff - I accept what happened and I'm like, okay, then I will try something else (...) I'm in control of my life now. I can start fresh and choose whatever I want." - Belfast Telegraph, Aug. 4th 2020
Gaelle E.


"Melania is a kind hearted trustworthy person who has this calmness about her that makes you feel completely at ease. So understanding and adaptable to her patients’ needs and has helped me deal with daily life so much better, given me a clarity and understanding of myself I never thought I’d have. Even after just a few months my life has changed, wonderful therapist would recommend anyone who’s is thinking of going to therapy to see Melania."
Rachel C.


Applied Psychoanalysis helped me to improve my results through the months and different levels of competitions. I feel more confident and emotionally well-balanced and I perceive a better connection with my horse. I would definitely recommend it for Sport.
Linda McI., dressage athlete (NI)


My experience with PAP and Biopsysis has been positive, I could solve my insomnia issue, felt better after only a few sessions and now that several months are passed I can say that I still sleep and feel well rested, I can even remember my dreams! All this, definitely improved my quality of life, relationships and sport results.
Linda McI., dressage athlete (NI)


My name is Maria and I am from Italy. I started my journey with Melania to learn some English due to my career needs in social work, having to deal with minors at risk, some of them belonging to other ethnicities, speaking different languages or having various difficulties. I have to say that I was sceptical before about the possibility of “unblocking” my English knowledge from High School, in such a short time, and improving my accent and pronunciation in order to be able to sustain a clear, efficient conversation with English and other language speakers. Especially as it has been a very long time since I practiced it. In Italy, we do not often exercise the languages we learn at school. Everything is in Italian here, sign posts, movies, songs, books, University programmes… at times, translated very badly. I met my tutor Melania in Milan, where she teaches, a few months ago and the lessons we are having via Skype (I work all day and Skype is actually an incredibly helpful tool nowadays…) are brilliant! She has such a way to teach that it has permitted me to overcome the “shame” and self-confidence issues that I felt towards the fact that I was not so good at English as I feel now. I have learnt straight after that Melania is also a therapist and I understand now how the two things can be related. I wanted to share my personal experience because I truly believe that learning a new language is also learning a new culture and this can be often “traumatic”. I have a Master Degree in Social Sciences and I know that teaching is a very delicate profession and must require an exceptional sensitivity. (...)
Maria R., social educator (Italy)


"Melania has greatly helped me. I feel like I am better able to cope with things that occur in everyday life, and I feel more capable, confident and ready to work through difficult times. I would recommend her services to anyone."
Emily B.


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