Kia Ora Lounge (Shamanic Sanctum and Education Centre)
Fortunes Way
United Kingdom

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Dianna Hardy

Shamanic healer, teacher, and herbalist who is passionate about helping you tap into your creativity, your intuition, your divinity, and learn how to trust the remarkable healing ability of the human body and spirit.

Available: Herbal Medicine consultations, Shamanic (and Crystal) Healing, Munay-Ki Rites, Flower & Vibrational Essence consultations, and more. 

Sessions take place at Kia Ora Lounge, nr Havant, Hampshire; some are available online.


I grew up in the Far East surrounded by two enlightened figures: Jesus and the Buddha. As a young child, a crucifix hung above my bed, while three star gods of Chinese folklore graced the sideboard of my home, and incense wafted through tree-filled parks and humble temples that housed effigies of ascension. And yet, it was a Native American spirit guide that met my two-year-old self in dreams, ensuring I grew up with abstract memories of a culture nearer the country I was born in. From West to East, to somewhere in the middle, 'between worlds' is all I've known and I am grateful for its riches, for between worlds is where we discover we are each merely chapters of a great and epic story.

"I'm here to help you fulfil your part of that story.


What people say


I have a long-term health condition which had got worse since the beginning of this year. I tried flower remedies from Kia Ora, and after three weeks I'm happy to say that I feel much better, and I've also had insights about the causes of my symptoms. It takes a lot of sensitivity and intuition to prescribe these remedies effectively. I know that from having taken a similar remedy once before, many years ago. I would recommend Dianna's treatments.
Linda L Hilborne - 24 Oct 2019 (review left on


I have been going to Kia Ora Lounge for over a year now and the services I have received have been outstanding. I can’t recommend Kia Ora enough. This is a truly sacred space where I feel completely safe and supported. The shop is beautiful and my go-to place for any crystals or jewellery.
Natasha Sandberg - March, 2021 (Google review)


Beautiful business run by a beautiful soul. Such a safe, sacred space, I always come away feeling nurtured, supported and further along in my healing journey.
Emily Woolley - 22 Dec 2021 (review left on


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