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Dawn Swinley

I am a nutritional therapist known as the Drop a dress Size Coach I work with women to look and feel 10 years younger by dropping a dress size, lose weight, increase energy levels, balance hormones and regain inner confidence without deprivation, fads, pills or potions.

I am passionate about nutrition and I believe you are what you eat. I work with your metabolism so your metabolism works for you rather than against you.

I am also a practitioner for Intolerance testing via hair analysis which covers food intolerances, chemical imbalance, toxins and pathogens and nutritional deficiencies.

I have several online packages and plans as not one fits all.

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I am passionate about nutrition and having had a massive challenge while going through menopause I want to help other women come to grips with this cycle of their life. There is no magic bullet but I can help you get the menopause under control so that you can enjoy your life.

I really believe you are what you eat and if you fuel your body correctly and get it right on the inside the outside will look after iteslf.

There is a lot of information out there some conflicting so I help by getting back to basics using diet and natural supplements to get my clients feeling healthier and happier.


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