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Christine Anderson

Christine Anderson Health + Wellbeing

I work with women who feel exhausted, time pressured, whose immune systems are wiped out. Through creating bespoke programmes including holistic treatments and massage my clients regain their well being, energy and sparkle!

With 32 years of holistic health care and well being therapy practice, I joyfully work with women who know the importance of good health and taking care of themselves.

In Business we have to be the best and so work and life balance becomes out of sync. This can have a knock on effect to our relationships, and we can feel that things are lacking or unhappy.
Just one Aromatherapy will show you how much more energised you could feel.
Aromatherapy alleviates 100% of stress which is good news as stress causes 75% of all disease.
Aromatherapy also builds the immune system to work more efficiently, which may help to support you should you find yourself
going down with any virus....

What people say


I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed and appreciated the reflexology you gave me yesterday.
It was unlike me to be that relaxed.
My back felt so much easier last night- a bit stiff today but on the road to recovery. I really feel you offer a great treatment, so professional and so valuable - I have encouraged my daughter to come for a treatment when she has space in her diary.. Margaret Kincade.
Margaret Kincade


I have been seeing Christine regularly for a few years now and can't imagine how I would feel or function without her kindness and her healing therapies and remedies. I am incredibly lucky and don't suffer with ill health but I put that down to seeing Christine regularly and the investment she makes in supporting my health when life is very hectic and 24/7. Christine "puts me back to factory settings" and I leave each treatment totally rested, utterly relaxed and thoroughly restored. Christine and her treatments are exceptionally nurturing and soothe the mind and soul... without them I'm not sure that I would handle life's challenges quite so well.
Christine creates time, space and a complete sense of calm for me, something that I seem to be unable to easily do for myself but I know that I benefit from. Don't underestimate these treatments... they are amazingly effective! If you are considering an appointment just go... you won't be in the least disappointed.

Liz, High Wycombe


I have been living with RSD/CRPS (reflex sympathetic dystrophy/chronic regional pain syndrome) for over 17 years now and have, for the most part, had regular chiropractic treatment and massage. When my body began to react to these my chiropractor advised me to try reflexology as it would provide a less aggressive form of treatment. I was apprehensive at first, but eventually contacted Christine who has been treating me for some time now. I still have chiropractic and the last time I saw her she expressed how well I was doing since starting the reflexology. On top of that I have also had massages and facials with Christine, who is only too happy to tailor treatments to suit my needs as an individual. I go home feeling much more relaxed. The reflexology is also helping me cope with my swollen feet and ankles as the treatments keep the swelling to a minimum, which is a bonus. The homeopathy is helpful as well.

If you're holding back from making an appointment I would suggest you hold back no more. Go on, give it a go.
Sharon, Marlow


I have regular reflexology sessions with Christine and wanted to return her kindness with a testimonial, Chris creates the most heavenly nurturing environment, I feel totally loved and cared for during the sessions. The treatment is divine and I leave feeling renewed and totally relaxed, I always sleep deeply afterwards, and it has definitely helped with lower back problems, I highly recommend Chris both for her skill as a reflexologist and for being an all round wonderful human being! Thank you Chris
Paula, Marlow


I originally came to Christine for reflexology some months ago. The treatment she gave was superb and I left feeling relaxed and peaceful. What was so special about Christine was that in the time I was with her she really listened to what I had to say and because of her homeopathic skills, she was able to recommend remedies that would help my situation. Most practitioners can help and support their clients to some degree but Christine goes so much further than most. She knows her remedies and no matter what we may discuss, there will be a remedy that can help. If you want a homeopath to treat a specific remedy Christine can help but if you want a homeopath who digs deeper and sees and understands issues that others don't then Christine is definitely the person for you. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her.
Sarah, Gerrards Cross


In January I had an accident at work that resulted in a shattered bone in my finger and a damaged nail bed. Christine made a remedy which was passed on to my via my partner who is a regular reflexology client.
The remedy came with clear instruction on how to take them. I followed this and found after a week of strong painkillers and using Christine’s remedy I was able to stop the painkillers and the remedy kept the pain at a manageable level. After two weeks I was able to take off the splint. I was told there was a good chance that the nail will not grow back due to the trauma sustained. On a regular check-up the nurse was so shocked to see the nail was already starting to grow. The injury was healing really well and this I believe has something to do with remedy from Christine (which I have named voodoo-hoodoo lol).
Tina, High Wycombe


I contacted Christine for help with a nasty ankle and leg break. Her homeopathic remedies complemented the essential hospital treatment. She provided me, not only with professionalism and kindness, but also some fabulous remedies which made recovery faster. Thank you Christine. Best wishes
Jane, High Wycombe


Today I had a wonderful Aromatherapy full Body Massage with Christine Anderson.

I wanted to experience relaxation so we began by selecting a number of Essential Oils that I like. I chose Rose, Frankincense and Lavender. Christine blended these with some Almond Oil to produce a beautiful oil, just for me. As I climbed into the bed, I found that it was heated, which was lovely! I then experience 90 minutes of absolutely relaxing full body massage.

I have had many massages, all over the world, but I must say this is one of the best massages ever! Christine used some different massage techniques that I don’t recall experiencing anywhere else, and with my agreement, also included my stomach in the massage, which I don’t think has ever been done before. She had set out the towels, etc in such a way that I always felt my modesty was totally protected, and yet she was easily able to access the relevant body part at the right time.

I never felt rushed during the appointment, in fact Christine had allowed plenty of time for the appointment, including an initial consultation at the beginning, and time at the end to relax, snuggle up in a dressing gown, and have a chat before it was time to go.

Even though an appointment with Christine will involve a nearly 2 hour round trip in my car, I have no hesitation in booking more appointments in the not so distant future, and making my visits at least a monthly slot in my calendar.

If you’re looking for a way to receive the gift of touch and relaxation then I recommend an Aromatherapy Massage with Christine.

Maxine, Basingstoke


Christine gave me an advanced reflexology treatment yesterday which deeply relaxed me. Today I feel really great, no painful neck, shoulders or hips and I have lots of energy.
I am a practising reflexologist myself and I know I received a beneficial treatment from a skilled and intuitive practitioner. There is on doubt that I will be coming back for more treatments for my own wellbeing and highly recommend her treatments.
Patricia, Marlow


I have been having reflexology treatments with Christine now for over 2 years having been recommended to her by a good friend. I was going through a very stressful period at the time with sciatica in my left leg and from my very first session, I was hooked.

From the moment you enter the treatment room you feel totally cared for. Each session is focused on my needs and I can only describe my time with Christine as total bliss.

She not only delivers amazing reflexology but she also is full of great advice and provides a true listening ear.
Christine is inspirational and intuitive and has amazing healing hands. I wouldn't miss my appointments for the world. I really cannot speak highly enough of Christine; she is not only a fabulous reflexologist but a wonderful person.
Frances, Hazlemere


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