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Charlene Barber

Health and Wellness Coach

I have over 20 years' experience in the education sector as a teacher of Business, SEN and Psychology. I have been in School Leadership for the past 15 years, predominately in Human Resources, Staff Welfare and Mentoring and Coaching. Within this time, I also achieved my NPQH (National Professional Qualification of Headship).

After various medical issues, countless operations and suffering from Endometriosis, I entered early menopause with various symptoms including hot flushes, insomnia and mood swings. After ongoing medical issues, this eventually resulted in me having a total hysterectomy which threw me headfirst into surgical menopause. Then the symptoms hit me hard and fast!

For me to understand what was happening to me, but more importantly for me to get on top of my symptoms, and to get my life back on track as I was suffering from chronic symptoms, I undertook various training and certifications.

This has included becoming a fitness instructor as a certified MenoLeader for MenoHealth UK, enabling me to educate, support and advise women on both physical and mental wellness in areas of the menopause.

I have qualified as a Diet and Nutritional Advisor to enable to support women in partiuclar who are going through the menopause and a Mindfulness Practitioner.

All these, alongside my years of coaching and mentoring, has enabled me to embark on something I love doing the most, helping women to get their lives back on track, help them gain control of their menopause and not let their menopause get control of them.

Alongside my training, I am a keen runner and always looking for new ways to trial new therapies in the quest of raising awareness to women's health.

This has been through being a contributer to various books sharing my menopause experiences and in particular'Surgical Menopause'. Conducted NHS talks on Menopause.  Support and create policies for 'Menopause in the Workplace'.  I have been a 'Guest Blogger' on various Women's Health Sites and conducted interviews for other women to share their experiences and top tips.  I also hold monthly menopause chats sharing top tips, giving a safe space for like-minded women to share their experiences

Raising awarness to Women's Health is a priority and to know that there are choices espeically when it come to the menopause

Please have a look at my website for further information:- 

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