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Caroline Seyedi

Caroline Seyedi is a Freelance Holistic Autism Intervention, Communication & Behaviour Specialist Practitioner & Therapist.

Whilst Caroline specialises in working with individuals and families living with autism, she does not limit her practice exclusively to the autism community.

Caroline has a Master of Arts research degree in Autism from the University of Wales; is an Internationally Accredited Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP); a Nutritional Therapist; a Reiki & Crystal Healing Practitioner; a Seichem Reiki Master/Teacher; a Meditation Teacher, a Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner; an Assemblage Point Alignment & Healing Practitioner; a Sound Healing Practitioner & a Well-Being 'In Harmony With You' Advisor for Weleda Products.

Caroline has a daughter who was diagnosed with autism at the age of two in 1998 and has successfully worked with complimentary medical doctors & holistic therapists over the past 19+ years; completed extensive training and gained a wealth of knowledge to enable & empower her daughter to achieve beyond the expectations of many Medical & Education Practitioners as well as beyond her own and her family's wildest dreams...Caroline's daughter is now at university studying.

Caroline has developed and contiunes to add to her holistic and natural therapies to share with everyone living with an autistic loved one because she knows that with the best information and support, everyone can reach for their dreams and fulfil their full potential.

You can read more about Caroline's Experiences and Qualifications which anchor her Services here:

Additionally, Caroline is very experienced & trained in using many interventions & therapies related to educating children on the autistic spectrum such as TEACCH, PECS, Makaton, Intensive Interaction and many others as well as having training in suicide prevention with ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills).

Caroline's holistic services include:

Assemblage Point Alignment & Healing

                       Nutritional Therapy

Life Coaching

Personal Development

Relationship Coaching


Advocacy Support

Reiki Healing

Crystal Healing

Seichem Reiki Attunements


Sound Healing Therapy 

(using Voice, Tuning Forks, Gongs, Chimes, Bells, Flute, Drums & other Sacred Sound Instruments.

Caroline's work is passionately motivated towards enabling & empowering the autistic child, adolescent or adult and their whole caring support network to fulfill their full potential & become the best they can be, because she believes that everyone can when given individualised, person-centred guidance & support.

Caroline will work with you whether or not you have a diagnosis of autism, Asperger Syndrome or any other diagnosis.

Caroline works with any professionals already working with the child, adult and family and has a network of other qualified therapists & practitioners that she works with and to whom she refers her clients when they need a specific service that she is not qualified to provide.

You can see more information about Caroline, her daughter's success, her services & her experience & qualifications here:




I practice because I have experienced 19+ years of being a mother whose daughter was diagnosed with autism  when she was just two years old and understand the importance of a natural and holistic approach to developmental, physical, mental and emotional progress for the individual as well as the parents, siblings and extended family members.

I feel that I have so much to share and want to enable and empower other parents, their children and extended family members to become the best they can be, reach their full potential and live happy and fulfilling lives...


What people say


Our son has Learning Disability/Generalised Anxiety Disorder.
He has been seeing a Consultant Psychiatrist over many years who has been treating him with medication. Recently as parents we felt there should be another way to help our son who had become quite reclusive and depressed. Medication seemed to be keeping him in a zombie state. We decided to approach a qualified Life Coach/Mentor. We found Caroline Seyedi in 2015 and arranged for her to start seeing our son on weekly sessions one to one. He lives in a supported living house run by a charity. His carers were informed of this arrangement and are included in these sessions.
We have seen such a remarkable improvement in our son over these last six months, he looks forward to Caroline's weekly visits. She has been able to unlock some of his fears which now enables him to feel more confident with everyday life. This different approach as an alternative to medication is helping our son learn who he is and more about himself.
We as a family are finding Caroline's work with our son so beneficial as we are exploring our feelings which is making our lives better.
Thank you Caroline.

From Parents of an adult with Learning Disability/Generalised Anxiety Disorder


'I am writing to you to express my heartfelt thanks for giving your talk on March 30th. We have had so many positive comments about the talk and your engaging presentation style. I know our volunteers all found the session extremely useful in enriching their own work with callers and maybe also in their own relationships and dealings with other people who are on the autistic spectrum.'

'An excellent and very informative presentation of understanding autism using the Neuro-Linguistic Programming model.'
MIND Charity - Mindline Volunteers


'Caroline has been such a great help to us, we had become very despondent with the help we were getting from our local authorities and had been told by a rather abrupt mental heath councillor that our 6 year old daughter was angry and attention seeking (which she is not any of these) and her repetitive speech and movements were what every child does !! Sitting and rocking for twenty minutes is not normal behaviour. With Caroline's encouragement I was determined to carry on with trying to get help for my daughter who now has been referred by a new GP to a child psychologist as she thinks it is also very obvious she has High Functioning Autism -Aspergers.
Thank you Caroline, we are very grateful.'
Catherine from Leeds, Bristol


'I would like to take this opportunity to Thank Caroline and her Website for helping us and our Son.
I found Caroline on Linkedin, when we were in desperate need of support regarding our Son whom is awaiting a diagnosis of ASD. The advice and support we received was unmeasurable. She made us aware, via her website of useful information we were otherwise unaware of, and it has made a huge difference to our lives.
We are truly grateful and would recommend Caroline to anyone in need of support.'

Harriet Piercy North London,UK


'I had 2 NLP sessions with Caroline Seyedi in Bristol and found them very helpful in terms of time management and self-regulation. As a parent-carer who also works part-time, these two skills are absolutely essential if you want to continue caring for your loved one and still achieve your own personal goals without getting a burnout. We all know how easy it is to lose balance. With only two sessions I was back on track! So, if you're thinking about giving NLP a try, I'd definitely say "go for it!"'
Paula from Bristol, UK.


'Caroline's deep understanding of autism and the NLP techniques she uses to coach me make a massive difference to the way I cope with my condition'

'...I was depressed having to move house, have not much work and other things that I couldn't understand and fighting to communicate with my few words just pushed-down on me and I was picturing this as being a rubbish year (again)....but somehow you have flipped it upside down... in the short time I have trained with you I have a completely different way of seeing myself and how from being a baby-to-now follows a path which I have (some) control I look a bit happier, people have been approaching me to ask what its like to be mute... I have even been asked by some of the gymnast's mums and dads to show them how to juggle.....but the talking usually ends up on autism....and how "I" sense and see things.....I'm surprised just how many people it effects.....and how little people understand about it.......Anyway im just trying to say thank you in a different way for helping me understand things in a way I never believed possible... you help me put Moon-world into a pattern and order "I" can understand.....of course I will never be non-autistic but perhaps thats ok after all...'

'Moon' (An amazing woman diagnosed with autism and 'selective' mutism) UK


'I have known Caroline since my son started at a specialist autistic unit where her lovely daughter also attended.
From the moment we met she started supporting us with wonderful advice on achieving the best for our son throughout his secondary education.
It was friendly straightforward advice that we took on board & have benefitted from ever since.
Caroline made me realise one main thing that I had neglected to remember since my son had been diagnosed! Be willing to try anything to support your child but always know that you as parents know best.
It wasn't until Caroline showed me that that I knew that I would have to be my sons driving force to show him that he had a place in society.
Caroline has achieved so much whilst supporting her daughter but at the base of her foundation she is a mother wanting only the best for both her children.
I am sure she will go on to help many more like us as she is totally committed to show children & adults with autism do have a place in our society & I wish her well.'
Sandra from Bristol


'The Stay and Play sessions are a fantastic idea. There are brilliant sensory resources to play with and recommended books/resources for adults to browse through. The informal atmosphere makes it easy to gather information and it is reassuring to meet other carers who understand what you are going through. Caroline is very friendly, welcoming and easy to talk to. Her combination of knowledge and experience mean that she has loads of great ideas to help with any difficulties we are experiencing. Her ideas are easy to follow and practical so I can go home and put them into practise without disrupting the whole family. As a result, our ASD child is coping far better with transitions and following instructions and is therefore calmer and happier.'
A mum in Bristol, UK.


‘Caroline combined her personal experiences and extensive training to deliver an excellent workshop. We all came away with a greater understanding of how a child with autism sees the world and with practical advice on how to support them and their parents. We intend booking a follow up session as our volunteers would like to know more!’ Beverley Symonds Senior Co-ordinator Home-Start Bristol...
‘All of the session was good especially at first putting us in the autistic child’s place’

‘An amazing training and I would happily have stayed all day to learn more!’

‘More time required’

‘Worked well, lots of good information’

‘Good presentation’

‘Caroline was extremely knowledgable’
Home-Start, Bristol, UK.


'Caroline has been a great support to me. My daughter is now 19 yrs old and didn't get her ASD diagnosis until she was 16. Caroline has helped me with practical advice in dealing with school and college, ideas for inclusion out of school with clubs etc. and also how to look after me during the stressful times.'
Clementine from Bristol, UK.


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