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Caroline Harper



For over 10 years I work as a fully qualified homeopath practising in Maida Vale and Clapham, London.

I come from a long line of homeopaths since my grandfather and great-grandfather both practiced homeopathy in Germany. Before becoming a homeopath myself I worked as a graphic designer. When my baby daughter was diagnosed with severe eczema and food allergies, conventional treatments didn’t alleviate her symptoms, and I then turned to homeopathy which resulted in a dramatic improvement in her condition and overall wellbeing.

After this experience, I went on to study homeopathy at The Centre for Homeopathic Education (awarded by Middlesex University) and qualified with a BSc(Hons) in 2008, followed by an Advanced Diploma from Orion Homeopathic Training.

In my practice I see people of all ages and backgrounds with a wide variety of conditions and I have a particular interest in the treatment of women and children.

In addition to my practice I give regular talks on various aspects of health and wellbeing.

As a native French speaker, I can also offer consultations in French.

Please visit my website: for information and bookings.

What people say


Both my children had consultations with Caroline on many occasions. My daughter, age 14 and my son 8, were both struggling emotionally. Caroline listened to them carefully, made them feel really confortable so they manage to open up and told their full stories. I am so grateful for her help and would without hesitation recommend her.
Sandrine M.


“Caroline is a thorough professional who never fails to get to the very bottom of her patient's problems, providing solutions which never fail to work wonders. I came to Caroline with a list of health-related problems which I was convinced could never be solved. Within a matter of months, I was proven wrong. Today I enjoy a much better health and immune system. Caroline is a kind and generous person who shows a genuine and sincere concern for whichever problem you bring to her”. ?
Mohammad A.S.


“I first visited Caroline when my son was two years old, he had suffered with almost constant ear infections, and was a bad sleeper. After an in-depth meeting with Caroline, she prescribed him a range of remedies and we haven’t looked back since. My sons ear infections completely cleared up, in fact two years on he hasn’t had one....let alone any illness for that matter!! He also went from waking at 3am on a nightly basis to sleeping through! ?The effect Caroline’s homeopathy has had in him, and my family, has been nothing short of incredible. I have absolute faith in homeopathy thanks to her, the peace of mind it gives me, along with the profound effectiveness of the remedies she prescribes, have had such a wonderful impact and influence on all members of my family.”?
Bibi S.


“I first approached homeopathy two years ago as a way of dealing with my lifelong hay-fever. Not knowing what to expect, I was glad to have met Caroline, who from the beginning possessed a very welcoming, relaxing and calming nature. Since embarking on homeopathy, I have found it to be a very gentle, yet deeply effective treatment, in which I’ve seen a vast improvement to my seasonal allergies, as well as my overall wellbeing. I am now far less prone to common colds and illness than I once was. ?Caroline is clearly very dedicated to what she does, and shows a real interest and understanding of people and their personalities. She has opened my mind as to how everyday things can be treated homeopathically. Having discovered this, I now feel that homeopathy will always be a part of my life.”?
Victoria T.


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