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Carine Grivalliers

I am a qualified and registered Naturopath and Master Herbalist. I am also the mother of an 11 years old gorgeous boy. I am particularly interested in Gut dysbiosis related disorders in children and I believe like my predecessor Hyppocrates that all diseases start in the GUT. Younger, my son suffered from gut dysbiosis and compromised immune system which resulted in many imbalances in his body. Unhappy with the allopathic medicine approach, I then embarked in a learning journey with the intention to improve his gut health which I did. In 2012, I decided to open the Healing Tree of Life to the general public to help more children. Today, my practice specialises in children and women health.

I offer a complete nutritional, holistic and naturopathic approach using foods, spagyrics and herbal medicines. I believe every person is unique and thus, provide each of my clients with a unique and personalised protocol.

I run a busy naturopathic practice in Greenwich and help individuals of all ages to reach optimal health and vitality.


Carine Grivalliers MIAHT MCMA


I enjoy the investigative and analytical side of my work - taking the time to talk with my clients as well as decoding laboratory work results to find the root cause of my clients bodies imbalance (physical, emotional and spiritual bodies - Body, Mind and Soul). I focus on encouraging your body to promote its OWN HEALING abilities.

I am also a mentor and advocate for parents of children with autism and regularly organises workshops to empower children and their families.

I also enjoy teaching clients what their body needs and when so it can continue functioning properly and staying in a youthful condition.


What people say


I asked Carine for a herbal protocol to balance my nervous system and after 4 weeks, my brain fog cleared and I was able to operate in a more efficient manner. I literally went from a state of chaos to a state of clarity.I am so grateful to have met Carine and would highly recommend her.
Bee Tyler


My son Nathan is autistic with severe communication and social difficulty. Nathan started his consultation with the Healing Tree of life in March 2019. In 5 months, I have seen him transforming so much, from him being very hyper to now being very calm. He used to make so much noises, now he actually says words. He is a changed boy. The treatment is still ongoing and I know there will be more progress to come .
Yvonne Arhin


We have been under Carine's protocol for our autistic son Mael for 3 months now. She is easy going, responds swiftly when an issue is reported and always encourages us. Our son is no longer constipated and his sleep has improved with the foods and herbal blends Carine has prescribed. We are not there yet but I am very hopeful.
Armelle Fotso


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