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Anna Bojaryn

Are You feeling Stressed and Anxious in Your life?

Are You feeling Stuck, Tired, Heavy, Exhausted, and Drained and would like to simply feel better, lighter and happier?

Would You like to simply be able to let go of those heavy and negative energies and feel more: at ease, happiness and light within yourself and your life?

Would you like to let go of old believe system that is no longer serving You?

Would you like to reconnect within Your Heart, Your Soul, Your Life?

If You answered YES to any of those questions - this healing session might be for You.

To find out more text me to book your FREE 20 minutes consultation over the phone where I will answer your questions.

ANNA BOJARYN - Intuitive Energy Healer, Studied at College of Psychic Studies, School of Intuition and Healing, Also took part in many other workshops(Ancestral Healing, Soul release, Quantum Touch, Bars.) and retreats (Family Constalationts, Shamanic Retreat) Just to name few.

My main focus is to help women that are feeling stressed, anxious, tired and simply fed up with parts of themselves, or their life. Who were serving others and have forgotten about themselves. Who deeply inside know that life can be easier and that they can feel better and happier and that they deserve more.

But I am happy work with everyone who would like to reconnect within their Heart, awaken full potential and create better life for themselves and their friends and familly, as they become loosing up layers of old emotional pains that they are holding up to.

Book YOUR FREE 20 minutes consultation session by texting me on:07752162727

Looking forward to work with You.


Anna Bojaryn



What people say


"Dear Anna,

I am so very happy that I have met you and it is my great pleasure to recommend you!

Back then, I was very depressed and I felt like as if I was kept in a dark hole without any energy left to help myself getting out of there. My sister was sad to see me like this and made an appointment for me with Anna. I was very sceptical because I did not know anything about energy healing. But I had nothing to loose and felt hopeless. Without any expectations I went to my first energy healing session with Anna.

When Anna started to heal me, I was so astonished because I did suddenly feel the energy flowing through my body. At first there was warmth, then my feet started to tickle and I had to laugh from my heart. It was such a relieving and happy feeling, as if the negativity left my body and the positive energy could flow through my heart again.
During my stay in London I had the pleasure to see Anna twice and was very amazed about her ability to feel with me and that she saw things that nobody could know about me and my family. I was very impressed when Anna helped me with my ancestry problem. I cannot explain my healing experience in a rational way, but I know that my inner blockades are breaking up and that I feel positive and motivated again.

Thank you very much Anna! I cannot thank you enough for healing my heart especially. All the pain and pressure in my chest are vanishing more and more.
With gratitude and love,


"10 Week Distant Healing – Feedback

When Anna asked me if I would like to be her case study for distant healing treatments, I was going through big changes in life, I was still in the process of adaptation and I was also letting go of an unhealthy relationship. I was feeling emotionally down since the middle of December and then I started asking the Universe for help. So, at the end of January, when Anna suddenly offered the distant healing treatments, as part of her course, it was an amazing coincidence and I believe it helped me very much.
Since the first week Anna started doing the healing, I felt a shift. I was feeling sad and emotionally unbalanced and in the week she started, I felt significantly more empowered and joyous. On a scale of 1 (worst) to 10 (best) about the way I was feeling, I started rating myself with a 3, before the healing treatments. At the end of the first week of healings, I was able to rate myself with a 6.
In the following weeks, not only I was able to maintain my emotional balance, but I also started feeling more and more pro-active and cheerful. As a result, my energy levels and my interest in daily activities raised and I started to feel like spending time with friends and doing activities that I enjoy more often. I believe that these distant healings deeply helped me with the process of acceptation of certain life changes and embracing new experiences and with the process of emotional recuperation and improvement on self love and self care. Now, at the last week of healings, I rate myself with a 9 out of 10, I am feeling great, positive, emotionally stable and strong. And I am deeply grateful. Thank you, Anna!

Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal, March 28th, 2015
Sara Silva Santos"



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