CMA Approved Supplier Membership

CMA Approved Supplier Membership 

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The Complementary Medical Association (The CMA) awards "CMA Approved Supplier" status to a select number of suppliers and companies in the Complementary Medical and Natural HealthCare fields – companies that produce exceptional products and services.

While The Complementary Medical Association (The CMA) does not endorse products, we do believe that it is helpful for us to help consumers and practitioners to find their way through the maze of products available by carefully examining a supplier's products AND their company.

In order for a company to be accepted by The CMA as a CMA Approved Supplier, the company needs to demonstrate a genuine commitment to ethical trading, safety, sustainability, excellence of products and services.  In addition, the company will need to demonstrate that they have a genuine desire to contribute towards the development and growth of the complementary medical and natural health sector.

The Elite

Only the very best companies are selected to become CMA Approved Suppliers - and this designation is something that a company can be truly proud of - it is a great achievement!

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Why apply to join The Complementary Medical Association as a CMA Approved Supplier?


    • Are you tired and frustrated spending lots of money on advertising - only to get very little – or even NO - Return on your Investment? 
    • Do you want practitioners to really know and understand your products and services – AND to recommend them to their clients?

We all know that traditional advertising is hugely expensive – and really doesn’t work – unless you have HUGE budgets. So, we can help you to EDUCATE practitioners about what you offer - so that they truly understand what you do.  In this way we will help you to cultivate an incredibly loyal following - so that practitioners recommend your products to their clients - and this becomes a powerful route to market for you.  

Because of the power and prestige of CMA Approved Supplier Membership we are comitted to only working with the very best comapnies - if you believe that your company offers the very best in your sector do apply to join - we would love to talk with you further.


 The time is NOW For something new – for you to benefit from our remarkably successful strategy 


It is now time to change your strategy and begin to EDUCATE practitioners so that they:

    • Understand your product
    • Are happy to use and recommend your products to their clients
    • Become LOYAL to your brand
    • Become your ‘unofficial sales force’ because they know, understand and believe in your products.

CMA Approved Supplier Membership Benefits

Take advantage of our vast reach and influence!


As a CMA Approved Supplier you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • A listing as a CMA Approved Supplier on the CMA website (which currently attracts over 650,000 hits a month).
  • Your company will be featured each and every month in The CMA e-Newsletter as a CMA Approved Supplier and “Sponsor” of the e-Newsletter. This will have a direct link to the CMA Approved Supplier page page on The CMA website. The e-Newsletter goes out each month to:

          25,000 elite complementary medical and natural health practitioners

          130+ Training Schools and Colleges – plus their students (circa 13,000 people)

          300+ top health writers and journalists


  • You'll gain from the prestige of being awarded CMA Approved Supplier Membership
  • We will set up links from the listings area of the CMA site directly to your site – for information or direct sales.
  • You'll have the right to use the “CMA Approved Supplier” logo on your company literature, website and all promotional materials – for your period of Membership. Note: The CMA logo itself is a Registered Trademark and cannot be used on products – unless a company/ individual is licensed and authorised to do so.


As a CMA Approved Supplier, for an extra (heavily discounted fee) you also have the option to:

  • Request The CMA’s input into your PR programmes.
  • Ask for The CMA’s input into your media programmes.
  • Gain CMA input into your public/ corporate events (e.g. launches/ conferences).
  • We can create video interviews for you to share on your site and we will feature on The CMA site whereby CMA President Jayney Goddard will interview a key member of your tream/scientific advisor etc. to help further educate practitioners about your products and services.

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No one can do what we can do for you!

You need to harness the power of The Complementary Medical Association – right now – and we will actively promote your products and services to over 25,500 elite natural healthcare practitioners – EVERY SINGLE MONTH – keeping you at the forefront of their awareness.

Let us provide you with this unique affordable and efficient opportunity to hit vast numbers of practitioners - your exact target market– month in and month out!

 Our VAST reach and influence

Every month we communicate directly with our:

    • 25,500+ elite practitioners via our outstanding e-Newsletter – you will be featured in this as one of our e-Newsletter sponsors – with direct links to your own page on The CMA site
    • 130+ training schools (with circa 13,000 students)
    • 300 health journalists  
    • The CMA’s website receives over 650,000 hits per month – You will have your own page on The CMA site – with direct links to your site
    • You’ll also be able to use the CMA Approved Supplier logo on your site and in your marketing and promotional materials

Join The Complementary Medical Association as an Approved Supplier NOW and immediately take advantage of this monthly on-going educational and awareness-raising campaign


Stop wasting your precious budget and take action NOW to shake up your promotional activities and do what works!

Join The Complementary Medical Association today – it costs only £91 per month – that’s less than a posh cup of coffee per day.

There are two ways of paying for you CMA Approved Supplier Membership:

  • Pay a year in advance for just £996 (+£29.88 Paypal fee. Total to pay: £1025.88)
  • Pay monthly for just £91 (+£2.73 Paypal fee. Total to pay: £93.73 per month)

 Click here to join today! 

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