What CMA Membership Benefits Will I Receive as a Full ‘Practitioner’ Member?

"What CMA Membership Benefits Will I Receive as a Full ‘Practitioner’ Member?"

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There’s never been a better time to join your professional colleagues in The CMA


Look at these superb benefits for all CMA Practitioner Members:

  •  The Complementary Medical Association is a non-profit organisation DEDICATED to ensuring YOUR success in practice.  As a Full CMA Member "MCMA", you will be recognised as being among the elite in the entire profession. Nothing says more about YOUR commitment to excellence and professionalism than CMA Membership.
  • Be Featured as a Top Practitioner on This Site - every day, we feature six CMA Practitioner "MCMA" Members directly on our home page - you will be featured here in rotation with a quick introduction and this links directly to your very own page on The CMA site. 
  • You will have your very own page on this website that features your biography, your picture, the disciplines you practice, all your contact details and plenty of room for you to introduce yourself properly, to talk about how and why you practice in the way that you do - and to include real patient/client testimonials so that people can really get to know you on a personal level - this is the most effective way of developing a practice.
  • You will be eligible to participate in the Jayney Goddard MSc, FCMA's online Practice and Business Development MasterClasses and a preferential CMA Member's only rate, saving you hundreds of pounds!  Jayney Goddard is President of The Complementary Medical Association and over the last 23 years Jayney has been instrumental in supporting thousands of practitioners to grow their practices - and she is dedicated to your success.
  • As a CMA Full Member, you'll get referrals from people searching for a Fully Qualified Practitioner on this site - we get a huge amount of traffic - and you will benefit directly from this as it offers you the perfect platform to promote your work.
  • You'll have access to the full CMA website - there are certain parts of the website that are inaccessible to non-Members - and these include our special Practice Development pages and more.
  • You'll also have the option to have your articles published on The CMA website (subject to acceptance).  We particularly encourage research articles and case studies.  
  • Receive The CMA Latest World News on Scientific Breakthroughs in Complementary Medicine, FREE by email every month.  - This invaluable e-Newsletter keeps our Members totally up to date with all the latest research across the entire field of Complementary Medicine and Natural Health Care - as well as keeping you totally in the picture as to political developments that directly affect our profession globally.
  • ... you'll also have the option to have your articles published in this monthly e-Newsletter (subject to acceptance).
  • Receive your CMA Certificate of Membership – ready to frame and display on the wall of your Practice.
  • Access to Top Class, Low Cost, Professional Indemnity Insurance. 

Joining The CMA as a Practitioner Full Member is extremely cost effective.  

Membership fees are paid monthly or yearly - whichever works best for your budget


  • Monthly fees are only £13.46
  • Yearly fees are just £154.12

Please note: these figures INCLUDE your PayPal charges!



Click here to join the CMA



Even MORE Membership advantages:


Be Featured as a Top Practitioner on This Site

As part of our extended coverage of the top “News” stories on Complementary Medicine and Natural Healthcare developments from around the world – this website has been developed to help educate consumers and practitioners - and as you can see it features breaking scientific news stories every day.

A key target for the CMA website is to attract and inform – worldwide - those consumers who are "Hyper Health Focused" - consumers who are desperate to learn more about this whole field – and to understand what works and what doesn’t – across the whole field of medicine in both Conventional and Natural Health Care – so that they can take control of their own health and make well-informed choices.

As you will see The CMA is also dedicated to supporting YOU – as a fully qualified, highly trained, practitioner – in this process.

  • As a CMA Member you will have your own page within this site – where you can add all your practice details – including why you do what you do.
  • As a CMA Member – and a fully qualified, professional practitioner your details will be highlighted when a Health Focused Consumer actively searches for a practitioner near them. They will see up to 8 of their nearest practitioners (generally – or by therapy). This search is done by Post Code/Zip Code and by Country.
  • As a CMA Member you will be featured regularly on The CMA website Home Page as a Top Practitioner on an ongoing basis.
  • And, if, as a CMA Member, you have any ‘News’ which is relevant to a wider audience of Health Focused Consumers, e.g. research you have reported on (not simply a change of practice address, etc.) we will feature it – as a News Item on the site.
  • The CMA website ranks extremely highly among all health care sites globally as we are a bona fide news site as well as a proper Membership site - In fact, we actually add around 4 – 16 new ‘News’ stories to the site every day!  This means that The CMA site ranks very highly - and thus YOU are much more easily found by potential clients. 

As you can see The CMA website has the latest news stories from the fields of Natural Health Care updated throughout the day, each and every day of the year. If you’re interested in what Complementary Medicine and Natural Health Care can do for you – and your patients/ clients, it’s a ‘must visit’ site. Even if you don’t get to visit the site every day, you can be sure that your potential new patients/ clients will. 


Our monthly e-Newsletter for practitioners goes to around 400 health journalists and reporters worldwide, including TV/Radio presenters and production companies – as well as around 25,500 practitioners across the globe.

enewsletter header


This publication always includes news coverage of the latest research from around the world on effective, proven therapies – and all this ‘latest news’ is backed by up-to-the-minute research data from the world’s leading universities.

As this monthly e-Newsletter starts to attract more Health Focused Consumers - we will start featuring “Top Practitioners” in this online publication as well.

It also gives Members the option to have their articles printed in it (subject to acceptance). 

We also feature a helpful list of our CMA Approved Suppliers in each edition - with links to their pages on The CMA site - so that they can be easily found.  These are companies that offer the very best products and services within our profession and who have satisfied The CMA as to their deep committment to excellence.

The CMA is run by practitioners for practitioners, students, training schools and Approved Suppliers.  We know how hard it can be to build your business and we firmly believe in supporting our Members!

We have regular online business development MasterClasses and we are happy to give our Members guidance when faced with business development issues.  We are passionate about helping you to become as successful as you can possibly be.


As a Fully Registered CMA Practitioner Member (MCMA) you will always get special Membership benefits and discounts - unavailable to non-members!

As a CMA Member you will save hundreds of pounds on Jayney Goddard's online Business and Prctice Development MasterClasses. These include modules from the highly successful and Proven-to-Work courses:

Developing Your Professional Practice Profitably, Even in a Recession

Successfully Identifying Your "Perfect" Client

Developing Advertising That Works

Developing Your Sales Presence – Online

Media and PR Training

Practice Building Through Public Speaking programme

Website Building

Practice Development through Effective e-Newsletters

And more!

PLUS as The Complementary Medical Association has been around for almost 25 years, it has always offered its Members a number of key, underlying benefits.

  • A CMA (A4) Certificate of Membership – to frame and display on the wall of your Practice. 
  • Access to Top Class. Low Cost, Professional Indemnity Insurance



Members of The Complementary Medical Association have always benefitted from the prestige of belonging to The Complementary Medical Association. CMA Members are recognised by other professional practitioners, as well as by doctors - and increasingly by the general public - as the elite force in professional, ethical Complementary Medicine:

Together We Are Stronger

If you are a professionally qualified, top Complementary Medical and Natural Health Care practitioner we would welcome YOUR support in helping us to represent You and Your Therapy’s successes to a wider audience. As well as fighting off attacks on our profession – from whatever source – we also seek to actively and publicly promote the positive, successful face of Complementary Medicine and Natural Health Care – as practiced by some of the top professional practitioners in the world.


So, while you might not see it as Your No.1 benefit – and reason for joining The CMA – we see the top benefit of joining The CMA as being able to join together with other totally committed professional Complementary Medical and Natural Healthcare practitioners in one focused, powerful body.


Benefit from The Prestige of Belonging to The Complementary Medical Association

The Complementary Medical Association is the world’s leading multi-disciplinary Membership organisation for top, fully qualified practitioners. Practitioners who are serious about their ‘business’ and who are brilliant at treating clients to ensure they help them achieve their optimal health. Practitioners who are suitably concerned about public attacks on them and their profession. Practitioners who demand that someone is out there spreading the word about how their own kind of successful, well – delivererd complementary health care is for all of us.

That’s why they belong to The Complementary Medical Association.

We only accept practitioners who can prove their excellence as practitioners – as Members of The CMA. If you are fully trained – at a CMA Approved College – or one that we can verify has a top curriculum and professional examination procedures – AND are actively looking to build your career in Complementary Medicine and Natural Health Care – and can prove you are 100% qualified – you can apply.

In the UK we have links with Conventional Medicine – and with their leading regulatory and professional bodies - the British Medical Association (BMA) and the General Medical Council (GMC).

Our Members are fully qualified, professional practitioners – who abide by the most exacting of Ethical Standards.

If you fit this description – don’t read all the rest of these details – join us right now!

Join The CMA Now!


PLUS: as a CMA Member you can:

Get Involved in Government liaison if you wish to: As a Member of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Complementary and Integrative Medicine, we keep you informed about what’s going on in the Government and Europe.  What’s more, if you want to have your say why not come along to the House of Lords with us as a guest of The Complementary Medical Association? Be the first to join our new country–by–country CMA Liason Committees (starting in the US, India, China and Egypt, in order to have a say, not just in ‘local’ issues – but to have an International platform, where you can help shape and influence the development of Complementary Medicine and Natural Health Care across the globe.)

Take Advantage of Public Speaking Opportunities: We are constantly contacted by exhibition companies and product manufacturers who are looking for top level speakers.  If you would like to get involved in speaking on the national and international circuits please let us know so that we can promote you properly.

Get Help with Your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) - This is a vital factor when working in the Complementary Medical field – in order for you to offer your clients the very best service, it is essential that you are kept up to date with all the developments in the field and therefore we require our members to undertake ongoing personal and professional development and we assist you in doing this.


What Are CMA Members Like?

CMA Members are highly motivated, committed, well-qualified professionals who run successful practices. They are busy practitioners who care passionately about the future of Complementary Medicine and Natural Health Care. They know that what they do matters, it works and it helps one person at a time to improve their own health and flourish, the natural way.

* The Complementary Medical Association currently recognises and helps support practitioners from over 150 individual Complementary Medical and Natural Healthcare therapies.

Join Today and Help The Complementary Medical Association Stand Up for Your Right to Practice Successfully

A note from Jayney Goddard MSc, FCMA, FRSM

President of The Complementary Medical Association

Jayney“The primary aim of The Complementary Medical Association is to promote the positive health benefits of what you – as a

fully qualified, professionally trained, ethically driven, Complementary Medical and/or Natural Health Care

practitioner – deliver.

And to communicate this to existing and potential new patients/clients, as well as to the Media, the Medical

Profession and Regulatory Bodies.

To ensure that you not only get the professional recognition your skills deserve but also to help you

build a successful, profitable practice for the good of your patients/clients.

We need your support to help us to continue and build upon the spread of positive, health-giving,

messages about Complementary Medicine and Natural Healthcare today. So do, please, JOIN The Complementary

Medical Association and show YOUR SUPPORT in helping to develop a much more positive approach to Health Care today".


Please Note: If you are still studying and haven't yet qualified in any disciplines, you can join as a CMA Student Member.


You can become a FULL MEMBER of The Complementary Medical Association for less than £3 a week!

Or local currency equivalent.

Show your support for the Complementary Medical and Natural Healthcare profession in the world today. Help The Complementary Medical Association represent your interests – alongside those of the other Top Professional Practitioners

You can have all the benefits of CMA Membership for less than £3 a week and you also have the option of spreading your Membership fee payment over the year if you choose to pay monthly. 

Remember – The Complementary Medical Association is a not-for-profit organisation – working for you. 

Do take advantage of all the support this prestigious organisation can give you. 

Join The CMA Now!

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