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The Complementary Medical Association welcomes Membership applications from Training Schools and Colleges of complementary medicine and holistic healthcare therapies from all over the world. The CMA is a truly international organisation and is dedicated to supporting the growth of complementary therapies globally.

Once you have joined The CMA as a Training School or College Member, you will then need to register any one or all of the individual courses you teach - see section 2 below.

Fees: CMA Membership, although highly prestigious, is extremely reasonable. This is because, as a non-profit organisation, we are committed to keeping Membership benefits available to as many Colleges and Training Schools as possible - providing they meet our exacting requirements for outstanding levels of training.

Yearly Membership

Training School / College Membership fees are just £179.81 yearly or only £16.48 if paid monthly. Fees quoted here include your PayPal fee.

Course Assessment

There is a one-off course assessment fee of £92.48 per course, which is fully refundable should your course not be accepted. However, in our experience, the vast majority of Schools and Colleges that apply to The CMA offer outstandingly high quality training - so it is rare for courses to be turned down. In the extremely unlikely event that your course needs a little more work before we can register it, we will work closely with you to achieve CMA Registration standards. You can opt to pay your individual course registration fees through BACS at no extra cost - or through PayPal where a small 2.75% fee applies.

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