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CMA Approved Suppliers

The Complementary Medical Association (The CMA) has awarded "CMA Approved Supplier” status to a select number of suppliers and companies in the Complementary Medical and Natural HealthCare fields – companies that produce exceptional products and services.

While The Complementary Medical Association (The CMA) does not endorse products, we do believe that it is helpful for us to help consumers and practitioners to find their way through the maze of products available by carefully examining a supplier's products AND their company. In order for a company to be accepted by The CMA as a CMA Approved Supplier, the company needs to demonstrate a genuine commitment to ethical trading, safety, sustainability, excellence of products and services.  In addition, the company will need to demonstrate that they have a genuine desire to contribute towards the development and growth of the complementary medical and natural health sector.  

The Elite

Only the very best companies are selected to become CMA Approved Suppliers - and this designation is something that a company can be truly proud of - it is a great achievement!


Note: All claims and statements about the efficacy of supplements and products are the sole responsibility of the supplier concerned and are not endorsed or approved by The Complementary Medical Association.  If you would like clarification of a claim of efficacy please contact the supplier directly.

CMA Approved Suppliers

Bio-Globe Singapore Private Limited

Bioglobe Singapore is Singapore's trusted supplier and distributor of home products. With the two main products BMAG and Biolytes.

One of the nation's most popular water enhancer system; Biolytes promises healthy living by keeping your drinking water quality, bacteria-free, light, and refreshing.

BMAG Sleeptech focuses on the ideology of Magnetic Therapy, bringing great health to your family with the highest convenience.

A local distribution based business that has a core team with nearing 20 years of experience, determined to promote health and wellness. Bringing value to your family.



Bionetics is a well-established company that is the UK’s leading provider of non-invasive Body Field Analysis Testing. They are proud to have helped many thousands of people improve their health by identifying and helping to eliminate many of the basic underlying imbalances which have caused the problem.

Energy For Health

Energy for Health offers innovative and inexpensive products for maintaining good health in the home. 

Enjoying strong links with the healthcare sectors in both the West and the Far East, we aim to help you access some high-quality approaches to maintaining your own health and that of your family - wherever they originate.

The FlexxiCore Range of Exercise Equipment covers:

  • Continuous Passive Motion – FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser
  • Acceleration Training – also known as Whole Body Vibration Training or "WBV" – FlexxiCore Challenger

Ibiza Angels

Ibiza Angels are Europe's largest and most established on-site massage company. Renowned for delivering outstanding 10 minute head, neck & shoulder over-the-clothes seated massages, designed specifically to de-stress and energise.

The originators of this concept of massage over 10 years ago, Ibiza Angels is a trusted, reputable and established organisation spanning the UK and Ibiza.

In addition to Ibiza Angels being a key fixture at stunning venues and special events, luxury casinos, record industry initiatives and exhibitions, Ibiza Angels also work closely with major international brands, media agencies and events companies to leverage the feel-good power of touch as part of brand engagement initiatives in the UK and throughout Europe.

Ibiza Angels is now the largest ‘on-site’ massage company in Europe, operating 365 days a year throughout the UK, and also in Ibiza every summer season.


Lift - is an educational company, based in Kyiv, but providing our services through all over the world.

We work with Russian-speaking countries mainly.

We provide two types of educational programs:

1. Products for people: holistic health,  anti-age, healthy food and so on.

2. Professional products: How to become Health Coach, Food Coach, Anti-age Coach.

We engage in cooperation with different medical workers, cosmetologists, nutritionists, and other professionals, to create online programs together.



It is difficult for practitioners to access cannabis products in today’s climate. nueffect has developed a dietary cannabinoid food product for special medical purposes. Cromitol® is a water-based tincture formulated with BCP, a full cannabinoid type-2 (CB2) receptor agonist. We believe everyone should have access to products for supporting their endocannabinoid system.


Rejuvu has been established to bring the benefits of Kolorex, Horopito herbs from New Zealand to the european practitioners and the wider public. 

Chris Boardman, Director of The Rosedale Clinic in Reading, Berkshire, worked for years with Sylvia Austen at N.O.M.A the original importers.  He was so impressed with the curative capacity of Kolorex that when Sylvia retired he jumped at the chance to carry on the good work.

Think of tea-tree oil, a product of Austrailia, & it's ability to destroy bacteria such as Staph aureus, Horopito is the New Zealand equivalent, in it's ability to take out mycosis & fungals.

Our Range of Horoptio Products include:

Horopito Plus Aniseed Capsules

Kolorex Foot & Toe Cream

Kolorex Intimate Care Cream

& Kolorex Intimate Wash.


We also supply a specialised magnesium and some specialised probiotics including:

Pro-Bio 8 - Formerly known as Ecologic 505

Symbio Flor 1

Symbioflor 2 



Magnesium GlyceroPhosphate

Please note, our Website is currently set up for Retail. 

We offer very attractive terms to Trade customers, please call 0118 931 3000, or email

The Barefoot Homeopath

The Barefoot Homeopath offers thoughtful Specialty Flower Essence blends of hope and faith, grief relief, energetic protection, change of life, and calm during transitional times. Combined with homeopathic treatment, The Barefoot Homeopath also offers a powerful pesonal evolution package called the Flower of Life.  This package offers 5-months of therapy with 15 special essence combinations, constitutional homeopathy and a curriculum to fortify the personal empowerment process.

Xhilarate Office Massage Ltd

Xhilarate Office Massage is a leading provider of on-site wellbeing chair massage in London.  A number of our clients have been successfully recognised by The Sunday Times Best 100 Companies to Work For, including Goodman Masson, Eximius, Arrows Group, MVF Global, Softcat and Unruly Media.  

Working through clothes and without oil, the Xhilarate team use a highly skilled blend of Japanese, Shiatsu, Thai and Indian Head massage techniques to help alleviate stress, relieve tension and leave you feeling instantly calm, focused and refreshed.  Treatments can be tailored to the individual to include head, neck, shoulders, back, hands and arms.

Onsite chair massage helps to reduce levels of stress in the workplace, resulting in increased efficiency, less sick leave, lower staff turnover and more productive use of working hours.  By establishing regular office massage sessions, our aim is to achieve sustained benefits for both employees as individuals and organisations as a whole.

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