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CMA Approved Suppliers

The Complementary Medical Association (The CMA) has awarded "CMA Approved Supplier” status to a select number of suppliers and companies in the Complementary Medical and Natural HealthCare fields – companies that produce exceptional products and services.

While The Complementary Medical Association (The CMA) does not endorse products, we do believe that it is helpful for us to help consumers and practitioners to find their way through the maze of products available by carefully examining a supplier's products AND their company. In order for a company to be accepted by The CMA as a CMA Approved Supplier, the company needs to demonstrate a genuine commitment to ethical trading, safety, sustainability, excellence of products and services.  In addition, the company will need to demonstrate that they have a genuine desire to contribute towards the development and growth of the complementary medical and natural health sector.  

The Elite

Only the very best companies are selected to become CMA Approved Suppliers - and this designation is something that a company can be truly proud of - it is a great achievement!


Note: All claims and statements about the efficacy of supplements and products are the sole responsibility of the supplier concerned and are not endorsed or approved by The Complementary Medical Association.  If you would like clarification of a claim of efficacy please contact the supplier directly.

CMA Approved Suppliers

Affordable Allergy Test

At 5Strands, we utilize bioresonance testing to provide you with bio-individual results! Our affordable intolerance testing kits will identify temporary intolerances, imbalances, and sensitivities. Your results provide a guideline to better dietary and lifestyle decisions. These results will not diagnose you but rather empower you with educational information to take back control of your health. 5Strands testing results should not be compared to traditional blood or saliva allergy test results.

Bio Health Scan

At Bio Health Scan we help people recover from their injuries quicker than conventional methods in a safe and pain free way.

You can probably imagine how complicated that can be.

We look at the process keeping you healthy, and we also need to figure out what is keeping your body from healing properly.
Every one is talking about increasing our Health Span, our desire to stay as fit and healthy as possible for as long as possible.

So I created a framework for using this incredible technology that helps get great results, heal faster with renewed energy so you can swiftly feel like a brand new person again.

And along the way help you become your own Health Boss.

We are now working on ways to do it better and faster.

My '5 Step Framework' is included as the quick start guide.

The health and wellbeing market has changed, being at the forefront with new technology that stimulates the body to work better is much more appealing than conventional methods.

Our AIO Biophilia offering is the most comprehensive body analysis system in use today.

Bio Pathica Ltd

Formed in 1996 Bio Pathica Ltd are the UK distribution partners for Bioregulatory Remedies manufactured by HEEL GmbH in Baden Baden Germany.  These include the registered products Traumeel, Neurexan and Zeel Comp N.


Bio Pathica also import and solely distribute synergistic products such as:


Probiotics from WASA Medicals in Sweden.

Spirulina and Chlorella and a range of Natural Skincare Products from Sanatur in Germany.

Unique plant sterols from Celt Corps in Canada.

Shu Jin Lu, an herbal embrocation from Hong Kong.


All of which can be effectively used by professionals in all fields of Medicine Veterinary and Dental Practice.

The Company is run with Fast Delivery, Customer Service and Satisfaction as its main objectives. Supplies are generally despatched within 24hrs of receiving an order. The supply of products is limited to Practitioners and Professionals only. OTC products can be found on our shop through the link on our website.

Bio-Globe Singapore Private Limited

Bioglobe Singapore is Singapore's trusted supplier and distributor of home products. With the two main products BMAG and Biolytes.

One of the nation's most popular water enhancer system; Biolytes promises healthy living by keeping your drinking water quality, bacteria-free, light, and refreshing.

BMAG Sleeptech focuses on the ideology of Magnetic Therapy, bringing great health to your family with the highest convenience.

A local distribution based business that has a core team with nearing 20 years of experience, determined to promote health and wellness. Bringing value to your family.



Bionetics is a well-established company that is the UK’s leading provider of non-invasive Body Field Analysis Testing. They are proud to have helped many thousands of people improve their health by identifying and helping to eliminate many of the basic underlying imbalances which have caused the problem.

Energy For Health

Energy for Health offers innovative and inexpensive products for maintaining good health in the home. 

Enjoying strong links with the healthcare sectors in both the West and the Far East, we aim to help you access some high-quality approaches to maintaining your own health and that of your family - wherever they originate.

The FlexxiCore Range of Exercise Equipment covers:

  • Continuous Passive Motion – FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser
  • Acceleration Training – also known as Whole Body Vibration Training or "WBV" – FlexxiCore Challenger

ESSENCH Cosmetics Ltd


ESSENCH is a family business built on using the power of plants to heal and renew the body and mind. We began our company after our own journey with chronic pain and wanted to develop products that share the joy of natural relief and help people relax.  From the moment we got amazing feedback on our first CBD product we knew we were on the right path. With our values of sustainability, ethical trading, and natural living at our core, we’ve grown our products range, expanded our client base, and become multi-award winners.

Our expanding business now formulates for other companies as a white label manufacturer, taking our experience of herbal ingredients to help them build their brands. We work with a team of marketing and branding experts to create wonderful bespoke products and make sure they are fully compliant and legally ready for market. Our wholesale products are stocked around the world and we have a waiting list for new suppliers.

Health Means Wealth

Established in 2006 we are a small, family-run business. This business was set up with 2 passions in mind; a love for natural health and well-being and a love to help others.


We offer quality cupping/hijama cups (the best we have found on the market since we started trading 15 years ago) which are available online at wholesale prices. We also offer quality cupping/hijama equipment all under one roof.


We have run high quality cupping/hijama workshops for 15 years. We provide high quality cupping/hijama equipment for our students as well as other training schools. We also provide cupping/hijama equipment to clinics and therapists both in the UK and abroad.


We also offer amazing organic, natural oils, honey, dates and much more.


We have striven hard to find the best quality products and offer them at competitive prices.


We offer wholesale accounts online for wholesale customers.


We offer up to 20% discounts on multiple-buys on our products (exceptions apply).


We have established a name in the natural healthcare industry and a reputation for honesty and integrity as well as quality and value-for-money products.


+44 7808 275444


Health Means Wealth

Remedies from the Sunnah


Copyright ©? 2006-2021 Health Means Wealth. All rights reserved.

Healthy Stuff

At Healthy Stuff (, our prime directive is to create a healthier, happier you!

We do this through our exclusive range of tests, support packages, and services, providing clients with the information they require and the opportunity they need to make informed choices around their health and wellbeing.

We have put over ten years’ worth of experience into helping people restore their body’s natural balance. We offer a variety of blood Allergy, IntoleranceBioresonance sensitivities tests, DNA tests and many more Health tests (kidney, liver, vitamin D and many more), giving a comprehensive picture of a person’s wellbeing.

We are Trusted Shops top-rated allergy supplier, winner of Voted Best Overall Blood Allergy Test by Verywell Health and have won ‘business of the year’ two years running from the Chamber of Commerce! 

Medi-Science International Ltd
  1. MediLiVes is a UK-based organisation that connects patients to doctors 7/24/365 in any location and a Training and Research organisation in Innovative Bio-Natural Medicine which integrates traditional medicine with holistic natural medicine that recognises that the cause and cure of disease lies within the whole person – physical, mental and emotional.
  2. MediLiVes introduces Innovation in Health and wellbeing with quantum technology that brings new possibilities and approaches for a healthier lifestyle. Using frequency medicine through sound and light, the energy level of the body and each system can be evaluated. That leads to wellbeing as well as correction of health imbalances.
  3. Our Therapeutic approaches focuses on the point where the disease was triggered primarily, helping resolve the Emotional, Subconscious, Electromagnetic and Biochemical Stress that led to the Physical Discomfort, Imbalance and Diseases.
  4. Our Therapeutic approaches assist patients to achieve a more sustainable, radiant health, while connecting with the technologies to allow real time recovery to proliferate.
  5. We promote and support individual decision as to their preferred method of treatment.
  6. We offer Healthcare and Wellbeing Professionals/Practitioners a broad range of comprehensive Educational Opportunities to learn and practice the principles of Holistic Medicine in Complementary/Alternative/Integrative Medicine, Health-Promotion and Well-Being.

Nucleotide Nutrition Ltd

Nucleotide Nutrition Ltd, based in the UK, is the first company to research and develop innovative food supplements based on naturally extracted, purified nucleotides, Nutri-tide® Nucleotide Nutritional formula, ensuring that the body has the readily available nucleotides on hand when the body requires them. Deficiencies in dietary nucleotides have an impact on the body, especially its capability to produce gut and immune cells at the optimum rate.

Extensive research has enabled us to formulate Nutri-tide® Nucleotide formula to contain the required balance of each nucleotide to complement modern diets and stressful lifestyles.

Nucleotide Nutrition Ltd’s research includes published clinical studies supporting the efficacy of the Nutri-tide® nucleotide formula based supplement brands, which back up and compliments studies conducted for the use of nucleotides in Infant Formula (now mandatory ingredients) and specific medical foods aimed at speeding up recovery from Intensive Care.*

Our food supplement product range are all Natural, vegan and free from: gluten, dairy, Soy, GMO and lectins. Suitable for Halal, Kosher & diets low in nucleotides E.G. Vegan/Vegetarian. Stable ingredients, no refrigeration required.

Nutri-tide®NT, 45g pot – Therapeutic levels of Nutri-tide® nucleotide nutritional formula – Efficacy enhancer

NuCell®IM 30 veg. caps pack, 60 caps. pot - Nutri-tide® nucleotide nutritional formula with selected vitamins and amino acids – Immunity and stress

IntestAid®IB 60 veg. caps pack, 60 60 caps. pot - Nutri-tide® nucleotide nutritional formula with selected vitamins and amino acids – Digestive health

nnnSPORT®X-Cell, 60g pot - Nutri-tide® nucleotide nutritional formula with selected vitamins and amino acids – Immunity, stress, recovery & performance (Reg. Informed-Sport)

*Extensive educational materials available


Who Are We?

The Suuk is an establishment which endeavors to provide our customers with a unique living experience in accordance to the Islamic lifestyle. We provide a wide range of products and services tailored to your needs.

Our Products

We ensure the highest quality for our customers and assert our expertise in design, manufacturing and retail know how. Our dynamic retail team have created a vast range for our customers to not only enjoy, but revive! We have a wide range of products which include Sunnah Remedies, Islamic Attire, customized printed chocolates and much more. As for our services, we reach out to the community for Hijama, wedding services such as catering and photography as well as graphic design for all those who are trying to establish themselves.


Our Business Ethos

We emphasize on Islam being a complete way of life and ensure to tie this in with our business plan too! As well as selling halal products, we also adhere to the core principles of business that is upheld in the Islamic business world. We steer clear of improper funds, nor do we ever engage in any interest inflicted contracts.

Walentina Limited

US experts and doctors have imprinted the frequencies into a small silicone patch, representing a whole new branch of physiotherapy devices – simple and affordable for anyone. 

Frequency patches based on low electromagnetic frequencies restore the body's natural balance, eliminating problems and causes in a completely natural way. Frequency Patches have already helped over 200,000 people around the world, so we decided to introduce them to the UK market as well.


ZUKR is a 100% organic sugar replacement. perfectly sweet, natural and delicious, ZUKR feels and tastes like sugar and can be used for baking, hot drinks and all culinary uses, without the aftertaste of other sweeteners. ZUKR is naturally antioxidant, excelllent for oral health, killing bad odour producing bacteria and helping with the remineralisation of teeth. A plant based polyol, discovered in 1848 by a Scottish scientist. ZUKR does not have the same gastric side effects of other polyols such as Xylitol, and is pet friendly. 

Perfect for plant-based. diabetic, keto/paleo diets, ZUKR is zero calorie, zero active carbohydrate and 0 GI. 

The ZUKR team is dedicated to making an impact to the nation's health by providing a healthy sugar replacement to help people enjoy the pleasure of sweet foods without the health consequences. The team is committed to finding sustainable solutions to reduce sugar consumption. support communities. local economies and forge partnerships with health organisations and government bodies to reduce the burden of obesity and related morbidity. 

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