Find a Fully Qualified Practitioner

The Complementary Medical Association’s President, Jayney Goddard, explains how to use the “Find a Qualified Practitioner Database”:

Jayney Head and Shoulder Shot.jpg“This database will help you to find a practitioner most suited to your individual needs.  All you need to do is to input your post code and your search radius.  You'll also need to select the type of complementary medical discipline you are interested in - if in doubt take a look at the "Best Therapy" pages on this website to help you choose which of the many disciplines The CMA recognises may be best suited to your needs.

"Do remember that some of the very best practitioners in the world are members of the Complementary Medical Association and this may mean that there isn’t a CMA Registered Practitioner right on your door step.  You might need to search in quite a wide radius from your location.  Bear in mind that sometimes you will need to travel to see your chosen practitioner however, this is often a positive step. In fact, an interesting piece of research published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute (Vol. 95, No 18, 1370 – 1375, Sept 17 2003) has shown that cancer patients who travel furthest to see a doctor seem to have a better outcome. 

Obviously, there are various possible reasons for this – could it be that these patients have actively made a particular effort to track down the practitioners whom they believe will be better suited to treat them and therefore a highly beneficial placebo effect is in operation as the patient’s expectation of a positive outcome is so much higher? It’s an interesting conundrum!”


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