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Wellness Professionals at Work

Wellness Professionals at Work offer a range of qualification courses and CPD opportunities for those working in the health and wellbeing industry and those wanting to get into the industry including certificates and diplomas in:

-  Life Coaching Skills

-  Holistic Wellness Coaching Skills

-  Resilience Coaching Skills

-  Wellness Coaching Skills

We are accredited by the CMA,  Association for Coaching, ACCPH and NCIP.  You can book a discovery call to chat through which course would be the best fit for you.

Wellness Professionals at Work also offers a community platform and membership forum for our students to help them grow their business - Wellness Extra.

Jo Permaul is Director  - she has a background in Natural medicine (Homeopathy) and coaching.  You can watch ver video with the CMA on You Tube!



What people say


The Diploma in Life Coaching Skills is a fantastic course. It was very informative and fully comprehensive in all of the many aspects, of becoming a life coach. Laurel is an incredibly professional, supportive tutor. She allows you the space and time to absorb and reflect on the skill sets learnt. With the wealth of knowledge that Laurel has, you feel confident in her ability to guide and support you through the learning process. There are lots of hands on tuition which I found a real asset to the training course, and an invaluable foundation to continue with the learning development. Laurel is always available during the course for guidance and support, and I would recommend this course to anybody that wants a well-structured, well balanced training programme, supported by a professional tutor.
Debbie, airport duty manager


This (stress management diploma) course is the best thing I have ever done. It covers such a wide range of topics. Each building on the previous one. It’s a real opportunity to develop and build a worthwhile career. The assignments and reading really helps to understand and broaden knowledge of the topics.
Clair, employee engagement specialist


After completing Reiki I, a friend of mine recommended Laurel to learn Reiki II from. As soon as I met Laurel I knew she was the right teacher for me. I have learnt so much from her, much more than I expected. Laurel is an excellent teacher, very thorough and easy to understand. One of the nicest things about the course is the flexibility and the fact that Laurel is more than happy to give you, the student, a Reiki treatment. The support is ongoing, even after completion of the course. I would recommend Laurel to anyone wishing to learn more about Reiki.


I have learned a lot by doing this (Introduction to Wellness Coaching) course with you and I'm already using some of the techniques to help me in my role as co-leader for Grange Fibromyalgia & ME/CFS Friends. So thank you for opening up a new area of 'facilitation' for me.


Laurel. I have enjoyed working with you - you provide an excellent experience of distance learning (Certificate in Stress Management) - perhaps the best I have had (and I have studied many times via this mode). Thank you very much.
Maxine. Norfolk County Council.


•"The real voyage of discovery consists, not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." (Marcel Proust). This (Women's Wisdom) course is a constant revelation. The mixture of practice and teaching is perfect. Laurel facilitates the opportunity to learn, positively challenging my beliefs and thinking patterns. I'd strongly recommend this course to anyone seeking a fresh view on life.


Working with master crystals (crystal healing workshop)is a very personal thing and I was actually quite moved by the profound experiences I had on this day. I worked with some of my own crystals and some of Laurel’s and realize that there are whole new ways of working with crystals that is fascinating.
Tom, mental health nurse


The three greatest strengths of this (Diploma in Wellness Coaching Skills) training has been: the excellent knowledge of Laurel and her approachable and supportive manner and my increased confidence level.
Shiny, nurse and NHS wellbeing coach


I have been studying Reiki with Laurel and have found the benefits enormous. I have my Certificate in Reiki 1 and I am now studying towards Reiki 2. Laurel has been a constant support for me during this time and I know that she will remain so. I would recommend the Reiki courses to everyone.. I can't speak highly enough about this course, it is changing my life as I learn more and more.


As an intensive care nurse, I sought to advance and deepen both my knowledge and practice of Reiki to Reiki III (ART). The advantage of one-to-one teaching is that you can move from where you currently are, no matter where you are with your development. The day proved relaxed and peaceful and it felt as though I was being handed nuggets of gold. Having contact with Laurel over a period of time means that you can check out your understanding as your experience grows. Also, prepare to be gently and supportively challenged with your ideas. By working with Laurel, my ideas about the symbols were challenged and the ways in which I explored working the Reiki broadened.
Colin, acupuncturist, senior lecturer at University of Brighton


Laurel, you are an outstanding tutor and I am glad I came to you after being on a waiting list at the Bach Centre Mt. Vernon. Your (Bach Flower Remedies distance learning) course is thorough, well thought out and reasonably priced.
Gary Price, international tutor


I wanted to say thank you for such a great course. I have learnt a great deal over these modules and I think that your session notes are excellent, as are the assignments you set which really get you thinking. Thank you once again for all of your time and help over the duration of this course (Visualisation and Imagery in Healthcare), I really appreciate it.
Sam, researcher at Southampton University looking into the mindbody effect in cancer patients.


Just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful day (Journalling for Wellbeing). I felt relaxed and comfortable from the start. You made it so easy for me to indulge in myself and I want more! I am still 'feeling' the day and am having new ideas every day, some of which are brewing and others which are happening. I have taken a sense of peacefulness, self-acceptance, and possibility from the day. Thank you so much.


The Reiki Share Day is a great opportunity to work with like-minded people, to share healing and to find new and creative ways of working with Reiki energy. Laurel provides both a wealth of knowledge and a safe atmosphere to experiment in. A lovely way to spend a Saturday!


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