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Minervalaan 112

Wellness Coach Institute


Starts on September 19th on-line! Check out our website for more details (


Educational organisation A Wellness Revolution is offering a six-month online Certified Wellness Coaching course this year. The course explores how the emerging sciences of glycobiology and epigenetics hold the potential to revolutionise our understanding of human health. It aims to empower students to help themselves and others lead healthier lives. For more information, go to or email Cathleen Beerkens at

Due to an increased focus on healthy living and illness prevention in recent years, the field of nutrition has been making great strides in advancing our understanding of how the human body works. Glycobiology is an emerging field of study that examines how our cells should function, and highlights the unfortunate fact that much of our modern food is depleted of its essential nutritional value. This could be the cause behind many physical imbalances.

A Wellness Revolution, an organisation founded by integrative health coach Cathleen Beerkens, aims to explore how glycobiology – together with epigenetics (the study of changes in gene expression that do not involve changes to the underlying DNA sequence) – has the potential to revolutionise our understanding of human health. They describe glycobiology as “the missing link in nutrition.”

In order to enable these profound new theories to spread, A Wellness Revolution is offering a six-month online Certified Wellness Coaching course this year. It is designed for both medical practitioners and members of the public who would like to learn more about how they can help themselves and others to lead healthier lives.

Some of the topics examined during the course include:

  • Learning how to help people understand the concepts of “prevention”, “rejuvenation” and “healthy ageing” through education about how their bodies function and they can truly love and care for themselves.
  • Developing tools to help clients reprogram their subconscious minds using techniques such as Energy Psychology, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and hypnotherapy.
  • Discovering the important role of nutrition for optimal health.
  • Learning the wellness coaching skills necessary to assist clients in finding out who they are, where they are going in life, and what they intend to create.
  • Developing the necessary skills for becoming an entrepreneur and sustaining your business.

The course begins September 19th at 11:00 AM live from Amsterdam. The class videos can be viewed as often as necessary once they have been posted online, and students are encouraged to learn within their own individual time frame, assisted by a tutor. Three discussion sessions will also take place during the course, with a variety of guest speakers invited to address students. Certification and Graduation from the course is in February 2019. 

If you have been searching for a truly engaging and mind-expanding online course that will empower you to start creating optimum health in yourself and others, you might just have found what you’re looking for.

The registration fee is €1400 if a place on the course is booked before July 15th, and €1500 if booked after that date. For more information, visit or email Cathleen Beerkens at

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