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Visible Breakthrough Coaching Ltd

Visible Breakthrough Coaching is a registered school with the CMA (The Complimentary Medical Association). Our accredited Holistic courses have been endorsed by the CMA and have qualifying CPD (Continuing Professional Development) hours that can benefit practising students.

The school was established in 2012 by Sally Bonnie, the owner and Principal, to enable her to bring accredited wellbeing programmes to individuals and organisations.  We are passionate about the courses we create and deliver,  and passionate about  creating  a positive learning environment that enables individuals to find a place within to feel happy, relaxed and calm.

 We also provide support to women who are growing coaching; holistic and wellbeing businesses who are undervaluing their worth, and seeking a balance between work and family life. Maybe even want to take a bricks and mortar business on line? We provide this through our on-line portal, Women in Business Retreats and Private Coaching.  An Award Winning Coach, Sally brings over 25 years of growing and developing businesses with International reach.  Sally is passionate about creating empowering spaces from where women can grow; becoming more confident and visible.

Her passion for women's empowerment has also seen her found a Women's Charity Inspire Women Oldham where she has trained women in her programmes and approaches, who now deliver to other women.  Women who come to the Centre often present with multiple labels and experienced great suffering in their lives. These women go on to become the Coaches and Mentors for women engaging at the Centre.

Our School Mission

We exist to enrich the lives of individuals and organisations with learning programmes and services that improve wellbeing, confidence, empowerment and visibility, leading to healthier and happier lives.

We do this by delivering a range of  coaching, holistic and  wellbeing programmes delivered through our on line portal; Wellbeing and Women in Business Retreats, and Private Coaching.

Our Vision

To create a positive learning environment that enables individuals to find a place within to feel happy, relaxed and calm.

To create an empowering learning environment that opens a new doorway of understanding for practitioners who seek to inspire and teach others.

Our Values

Our values guide the way we work and the services we deliver.

  • Happiness: Creating inner happiness is at the heart of everything we do.
  • Respect: We respect and celebrate the diversity of all of our learners so that everyone can be their best.
  • Accountable: We are accountable to our learning community by being professional and consistent in our practices.

What people say


I joined Sally’s heart centred Leaders Group at the beginning of July and I have learnt so much already. Sally is inspirational, encouraging, and very approachable and it is great to have her support and the support of the group. There are free-downloads on the Visible website to help you create your own fascinating message, and so many more tools available by being part of this group. Sally is happy to share all her knowledge and experience, she wants you to succeed and bring out the best in you. I am looking forward to the coming weeks and learning as much as I can from Sally to take my business forward. If you are looking for a leader with the best qualities that you could ask for, then look no further!
Theresa Thompson Reflexology


This women is an inspiration to many strong independent women who have all had their own personal journeys to have come into paths with this guardian angel. I am one of those women who now enjoys life and have cherished every moment with sally. if any woman can be an inspiration to others this woman is number 1.thank you again for all your ongoing support over the past 6 years xxx
Colette Smith


I met this beautiful soul almost 3 years ago & have followed the amazing work she has done to inspire and empower other women. I have found that in the coaching world so much is not what it says on the tin. Sally is exactly what it says on the tin and then some. She comes first and foremost from the heart and that to me is what it's all about. She has a wealth of experience personally and professionaly and I for one love being coached by her. I began working with this incredible lady in June of this year after almost giving up on my dreams. I almost gave up when I was offered the opportunity to be coached & mentored by Visible Breakthrough Coaching. I leapt at the opportunity to work with Sally.


Because she had the personal & professional qualities that I was looking for. Since working with Sally I have gone on to fulfill a long held dream of delivering a womens workshop, a workshop where women could connect, support, encourage & empower each other. I had very little IT skills (that's probably an understatement), had never done anything like this before, wasn't quite sure how to bring all the details together & didn't realise just how much was involved in putting it together. Close to melt down several times, Sally patiently & professionally coached & guided me through it every step of the way, she was more than happy to share her knowledge & experience with me.

Could I have done the workshop without any help? Probably.

Could I have delivered it to the high calibre I did without Visible Breakthrough Coaching? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Would the structure & flow have been as professional as it was? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Sally says "every days a school day" & I couldn't agree more. I can't wait to learn as much as I can from her.
Donna Macintyre Coaching


I met an amazing lady called Sally over time Sally has help me find me again. I was lacking in confidence and self esteem- Sally never gave up on me and had faith in me when I didn't. Nothing was ever too much trouble Sally would go out of her way to help you as much as she could. Always there with open arms to support you on your good and bad days, and to cheer you on and celebrate with pride when you overcame your fears, Sally also help me in my personal life. I gained so much confidence and am now coaching other women; sharing what I have learnt. I would be lost without Sally teaching me and helping me to deal with day to day challenges. Sally is my family she holds a special place in my heart. I love you so much Sally and thank you so much for what you do for women like me.
Lisa Oakes


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