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The MindBody Food Institute

Holistic Life Coaching, Mind-Body & Nutrition Courses

Internationally Registered, Recognised & Accredited Training


We saw a huge gap in the outdated approaches of change-work, and we wanted to pioneer a comprehensive pathway of understanding the psycho-bio-social relationship between the brain, mind, body, and emotions. And of course, how food impacts health and mood.

We proudly succeeded by offering the first fully integrated Holistic Life Coaching and Mind-Body Practitioner Diploma that blends holistic life coaching approaches with practical neuroscience, mind-body tools, nervous system regulation (stress) and positive psychology for inside-out transformation!

With our professional ‘life-changing education’ courses you can start or expand your holistic health and wellbeing business with the knowledge and skills to create REAL change, help clients get life-changing results, and build a sustainable coaching practice the smart way.

We are an Internationally Registered, Recognised and Industry Accredited with several leading associations around the world.

We focus on offering life-changing professional development and certification courses that are evidence-based, grounded in science, and heart-centred.


Holistic Coaching Courses

Holistic Life Coach & Mind-Body Practitioner Certification

Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach Certification

Advanced Program Holistic Lifestyle & Nutrition Coach Certification

Certificate in Holistic Life Coaching Foundations


Mind-Body Medicine Courses

Mind-Body Practitioner Certificate

MindBody Syndrome (TMS) Practitioner Certificate

Women’s Holistic Hormone Health Practitioner Certification


Functional Nutrition Courses

Functional Nutrition for a Healthy Brain & Body CPD Certificate

Healthy Weight & Eating Intuitively CPD Certificate


Business Growth & Marketing Courses

Holistic Business & Marketing Course


Follow your heart into a new career, deepen your personal healing or expand your mind for professional development!


Get Qualified as a Holistic Health and Wellbeing Professional With Our Expert Guidance, Ongoing Support and Empowering Education!


Join our Students and Graduates From All Over The World, Live Your Dreams and Light The Way For Others To Live Meaningful Lives!


Online Study With Incredible Engagement and Support!


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What people say


“This Workbook (Two) delved into some deep, relevant and enlightening information. My personal growth continues and I have added new coaching tools to my repertoire. The ability to apply these theories and exercises to my coaching sessions has been of particular benefit, as I have observed the impact on my clients (with positive effect).”
Susie Barns, New Zealand


“What an awesome Workbook (Three)! It contains everything we need to get our business going. Thank you so much Viki for including it. Otherwise we would finish our course & just go ‘Gee where do I go from here?’ Especially all that Marketing stuff & the ICA. Epic stuff!”

Nikki McNamara, QLD


“This was great, I really got to look at where the stress is in my life. Even though I knew writing it out, seeing it made me want to do more about it. Thank you again for this amazing course I am loving it :).”
Tarryn Meason, WA


“I have gained a wealth of knowledge and personal growth through commencing this course. The content was educational, healing and inspiring. I have learnt so much about the mind and body connection, about how our brains function, about the stress and relaxation responses, and I have learnt some absolutely wonderful tools and skills to be able to offer support to future clients. On top of all of that, I also have knowledge on running a small business when the time arises to be able to put my new skills into practise. It’s given me many professional opportunities which I am grateful for but I have also been provided with many opportunities for a huge amount of self growth on this inner journey, that is something I will be forever thankful for.”
Kristy J, QLD


“Viki is warm and caring and very knowledgeable. Ive learnt a lot so far and continue to learn every day. I’m learning to love myself and turn my negative thought pattern into positives. The course is great for self discovery and to start your career. You are given so much information that you can access at any time but it’s in no way overwhelming. Viki provides so much support throughout, and after to help you start your business.”
Niki Morgan, QLD


“Hi Viki. Just did module 2 – loved it!! Just wanted to let you know!".
Kate Liker, QLD


“The exercises incorporated into module five are amazing!!!".
Kirsty, WA


“For me, Workbook Three has provided some very useful insights into the practicalities of setting up your own business. At times, my research has been a scary thing, as I see the professional competition in this area. However, when you take the time to bring your mind back to the ‘why’ you want to serve/support and help others, it is not so daunting. Thanks for your insightful guidance and amazing tips/tools Viki. These past few months have really opened my eyes to future possibilities. The timing couldn’t be more perfect.”
Jess Rose, New Zealand


“I have thoroughly enjoyed the modules so far and am so excited to work through the next 4 modules, especially the neuroscience information. I have found the information helpful in gaining some confidence and clarity around how I would expect a coaching session to unfold and the tools provided so far have been really helpful to have for using in sessions to help my clients gain perspective on their life, why it may be unfulfilling and what they could do to create a more fulfilling life for themselves. Thank you.”

Brooke Martin, NSW


“It was invaluable learning about reprogramming subconscious beliefs that do not serve us as these beliefs stop us from being our best selves. The ongoing support that is received after the training has finished is absolutely amazing and gratefully appreciated. I am now excited about sharing my knowledge with others and to be a catalyst for people to make changes in their lives.”
Bronwyn Allen, QLD


“I’m thoroughly enjoying the content and the exercises. Very insightful and life changing. The course has given me a lot of new insights, both personally and professionally.“
Krishna Dodds, QLD


“I am absolutely loving the course. The most interesting part of the course for me so far has been module 2 with so much great information about the subconscious and decision making. The most interesting personal breakthroughs are happening for me as I have started to put into place some of the concepts about changing beliefs in the deep subconscious around specific needs in life. As I discovered in the second module, I am in a place of transition in my life so the course has been so beneficial so far in enabling me to work with my subconscious to change my attitudes towards myself. Even though its been a short time, the results have been amazing.”
Rebecca Godfrey, NT


“Wow really enjoying these modules and love the videos and webinars!”
Diane, QLD


“I am fascinated with the brain so its very exciting. I love it, thank you so much.”
Bec Wirth, NT


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