The Dowsing Programme
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The Dowsing Academy

The Dowsing Academy is home to The Dowsing Programme (see below) and is a centre of excellence for dowsers.  If you want to find your local group, we have an ever growing list on our website.

Our courses are accredited by The CMA showing our commitment to excellence.

The Dowsing Academy was set up by Amanda Peet. Amanda first learned to dowse in 1988, then picked it back up again in 2009. Amanda has been a professional dowser for over ten years and in 2018 she started teaching others to dowse either in person or through The Dowsing Programme (an online course). Amanda teaches anyone to dowse for themselves and teaches Emotional Dowsing Techniques (EDT) to Practitioners to use alongside their current modalities. You can find a list of Practitioners who are Approved Practitioners for EDT on this site. All Approved Practitioners have completed and passed an Accredited Course with Amanda.

Dowsing is a wonderful tool, once you start you find that the possibilities are endless and it is so time saving too.  If you want to find out more Amanda is always happy to have a chat via zoom or the telephone.


The Dowsing Programme

The Dowsing Programme (Level I) is available as face to face training as well as an online programme showing you how to identify and clear emotions and limiting core beliefs.  Check in on your general wellbeing, helping you to use this ancient tool for modern living. 

Suitable for those with some or no experience of dowsing.

Aftercare and Support - a private place for our dowsing community to share progress and ask questions as well as regular updates and bonus resource sheets.

- 8 Masterclass videos

- 7 resource sheets to download

Amanda teaches Mind Your Mind Techniques (without dowsing) as well as EDT (with Dowsing)

Amanda is author of Mind Your Mind: Using the power of words This book can be used alongside dowsing, tapping and muscle testing.

Please contact Amanda Peet direct if you have any questions or would like to chat over a cuppa about the benefits of clearing Core Beliefs and find out just how powerful these little sentences really are.



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