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Co. Mayo

Teampall Croí na Mara

Teampall Croí na Mara was created as a safe space to heal, learn and grow into our authentic selves and align with our purpose. 

The healing and vocational journey is created in alignment with Indigenous Irish Medicine, the ancient shamanic ways of Ireland. It involves a deep commitment to self-healing and growth, a willingness to move past comfort zones and embrace the authentic self and sense of purpose. 

The medicine of the land, the sea and the sky are incorporated into all levels of training, at the varying levels of depth and understanding.

Lisa Gallagher, the founder of Teampall Croí na Mara, is a certified shamanic practitioner, sound therapist and Rahanni Celestial Healing. Within the Irish tradition she carries the role of Bean Feasa and has completed Ancient Earth Priestess training on the sacred land of Ireland. 

Teampall Croí na Mara offers two in-depth, high quality courses, blending self-development and healing with the indigenous and ancient shamanic ways of Ireland.

Our level one training course is focused on self-healing and building a connection to the ancient medicine ways of Ireland.

This leads onto our level two training, a twelve month intensive course that prepares and certifies you as a shamanic practitioner within the ancient traditions of Ireland. 

For more information or to express interest, please contact Lisa. 

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