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Reiki-Energy Therapies & Courses

Sarah Collins is the teacher at Reiki-Energy and she offers training in Reiki, from beginners to teacher level (levels 1 to 3, Shoden to Shinpiden). She also runs regular training courses in Indian Head Massage and Thai Foot Massage. Sarah is a yoga teacher, with a keen interest in Ayurveda and other energy therapies.

She continues to teach Reiki in the traditional way, without add-ons such as first aid courses and fulfil requirements which have nothing to do with Reiki. The first level of Reiki is about making your own energetic connection and enhancing your spiritual growth and understanding. Self-healing is the foundation of Reiki, and our ability to work with others is built on this basis.  On your course with Sarah, you will learn authentic Japanese Reiki practices alongside the history and background of Reiki, the theory behind Japanese healing and how Reiki fits in, and how to give calming, healing treatments.

The focus is on continuing the Reiki traditions and  the training is personalised, so you will have the opportunity to explore areas of Reiki which particularly interest you - treating animals, for example.

Reiki is taught in three levels:

Reiki 1 or Shoden

Reiki 2 or Okuden

Reiki Master Teacher or Shinpiden

You will not be required to learn extra skills such as first aid or anatomy and physiology and no case studies are asked for. These elements are not part of classical Reiki training.

Sarah also teaches Indian Head Massage and Thai Foot Massage as two day courses. These are energy-based massage therapies in the Ayurveda tradition and they fit well with Reiki.

The two-day Indian Head Massage course introduces the concepts of Ayurveda, the use of oils in massage for energetic and physical reasons and client consultations and record keeping. You will learn an Indian Head Massage routine for use on yourself first, and then you will learn a routine which contains a wide range of techniques. Further techniques are covered, and you will be invited to create and carry out treatments appropriate for the client's needs, placing the focus of the session where it is most needed and creating your own blends of carrier oils as appropriate. The aim of the course is to teach you how to use Indian Head Massage creatively to meet client needs.

The two-day Thai Foot Massage course introduces the concepts of Thai medicine and healing, and includes the opening and closing pampering and spiritual rituals traditionally used in the therapy. You will learn a range of manual foot massage techniques as well as movements with the Thai Foot Stick. Client consultations and record keeping are covered on the course and you will give treatment to fulfil the needs of your client and keep appropriate notes. By the end of the course you will be able to give tailored, satisfying treatments in Thai Foot Massage.

Sarah is a Dru Yoga teacher and offers yoga classes - she has a deep interest in energetic healing and spiritual development.



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