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Come and learn how to use Musical Tuning Forks to promote health and well-being.  This approach is simple, profound and it works!

This work can be used to create 'stand-alone' tunings or to complement other therapeutic or personal/spiritual development work.  The methods are easy to learn and the listening skills develop over time and with practice.

An Overview of the Learning Pathway for all Tuning Fork Courses with Bridget Mary-Clare

Sound and Self-Help One Day Course: Course Length - 6.5 hours (6 CPD Points):  Open to everyone.  No experience required.  Pre-requisite for the Basic Practitioner Course.  (see below for content of this course.)

Basic Practitioner Course:  Course Length - 3 days - total length 52.5 hours (including pre-course study, 3 days' training in person and case studies following the course (52 CPD Points):  Builds on the Self-Help learning and, by the end of the 3 days, students have learned how to give a basic Tuning Treatment, including tuning the joints and spine, the organs, opening the Drainage Points, clearing static energy from their personal space and environment, tuning the chakras and creating a bespoke Tuning Treatment.  Students will also learn to use various aluminium and stainless steel tuning forks, scanning and harmonising discordant energy.  This course is 80% practical and the tuning is based on direct feedback from the body at the time of tuning.

Advanced Courses:  These courses are in continuous development - for more details see



Sound and Self-Help One-Day Course 

This course introduces the basic information about Sound Healing with Musical Tuning Forks.

The entire Universe is built on harmony, colour and sound. Discover how to tune yourself up to a whole new level of well-being.

A daily MOT for for mind, body and spirit!

Topics covered include:-

  • The principles behind Energy Medicine
  • A brief introduction to Sound Healing and Resonance
  • The power of Light, Colour and Sound to create new levels of health and well-being from inside out
  • Intention and Space Clearing
  • Silence, Sound and Self Awareness
  • Introduction to the C and G Body Tuners and High C Fork

Learning to give yourself a tuning treatment which can include:

  • Supporting Relaxation and Stress Management
  • Supporting healthy sleep patterns and managing jet lag
  • Clearing stress and static energy from the aura and joints
  • Balancing and grounding your energy field
  • Enhancing energy flow and improving energy levels
  • Draining toxic energy from the body
  • Balancing the left and right sides of the brain (logic and intuition)
  • Enhancing Creativity
  • Chakra and Energy balancing
  • Integrating Mind, Body and Spirit

A Certificate of Attendance is given on completion and this course is registered and eligible for 6 CPD points with the Complimentary Medical Association.








What people say



Comments on Course Material:

- Great course
- Enjoyed all of the content, handouts excellent
- A lot of new info, but it all came together in the end!
- Notes were excellent
- Material easy to follow, laid out well
- Course material was of good quality
- Good quality

Comments on Tutor Style:

- Excellent, with very easy to understand language
- Very understanding, loved tutor's attention to us and the detail and always seemed to make time
- Loved the way you went back over things so I felt I was learning by osmosis - or vibration!
- Very good, easy to learn, good humour
- There was a lovely flow to the tutor's teaching
- Bridget was excellent, a fabulous fun, brilliant instructor
- Communicates very well with class, explains detail in a simplistic manner while always engaging class in modules
- Bridget you have a wonderful way of teaching. Many thanks for all your help.
- Excellent teacher, great way to learn

General Comments:

- Life-changing course - I hope that I can put this Tuning Fork material to use and set up my own practice
- Loved every minute of it
- I have waited years to do this course with Bridget. It has delivered everything and more that I expected. I am leaving confident in my ability to use my new tools, immediately!
- This course exceeded all my expectations
- Amazing course, the power of tuning the bodies' energy is so vital to me

What did I find most helpful?

- Learning the Tuning self-care
- Techniques to be proficient in the use of Sound Therapy
- Found the whole course to be fantastic. The most helpful aspect for me is the self-helf clearing technique
- Understanding how this modality works and how I can interface with what energy work I am doing already
- Bridget was very patient!!
- Notes were excellent
- Methods shown gave me the confidence to apply them immediately to incorporate into my cranio-sacral treatments. 80% of the comprehensi
Comments shown are from feedback sheets from trainees who did Basic Practitioner course in Ireland - October 2014 - forms can be viewed on request


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