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Positive Happy Me Practitioner Training

Sarah, the Founder of Positive Happy Me has been working as a complementary energy therapist for over 20 years and in that time has qualified in Refelxology, EFT, Crystals, Yoga & Meditation and began teaching Reiki in 2005 .

Sarah realised that mastering and expressing our negative emotions and experiences are vital to help us maintain our physical and mental health and harmony. She was inspired to develop a process to help recognise, re-frame and release these blocked emotions which she referred to as - Static Energy Pattern Healing.

This has evolved to become the SEPH Method, and is now an accredited practitioner qualification in its own right. It was a natural process to bring Reiki and the SEPH Method together and so the SEPH Reiki courses were created.

The  Positive Happy Me vision is to develop an army of Reiki Practitioners & Masters, empowered to create transformation in both themselves and their clients.

The SEPH Reiki courses from beginner to Master level are taught in a hybrid way. They all have live teaching elements, plus pre-recorded content available in a secure member area to enable flexibility in learning as well as detailed workbooks. Students are taught how to develop their Reiki sessions in an online format as well as face to face.

Support and nurturing are key components of this course and are fundamental to student  success. There is also a support structure in place to help ensure practitioners and masters can take their skills to the market place after their study has finished

For more information please:

Call: Sarah on 07752 827098   Email: 

Facebook: @positivehappyme

What people say


I didn't really know what to expect from the SEPH course but I am so that pleased I decided to do it.
I can say with absolute certainty that it has changed my life completely and helped me finally see what I needed to do to live the kind of life I wanted. I have grown in confidence and realised that I have something to offer the world. The course helped me see my true self and in doing so opened up a whole new path for me.

Sarah is a true guide, an angel on earth. Thanks to her guidance and insight, I have learnt to love for myself and have the life I dreamed of for a very long time.

Damaris Lambeth-Scott


The SEPH Chakra Mastery Method has really helped my mindset and shown me the light in my life and enables me to tune in to my natural gifts.
I now have the knowledge to empower and help others to heal too.
Tracy Mcllwaine


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