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Kyle Gray has been deeply interested in crystals and has collected them from an early age. Growing up, Kyle always had the ability to feel beyond the natural senses, which eventually led him to studying angels and discovering the healing power of crystals and gemstones in his teens.

Now, Kyle has brought crystals into every corner of his work and life. He is an international speaker and bestselling author of 7 books including the much loved ‘Angel Prayers’ and ‘Raise Your Vibration’. Kyle also co-created four oracle card decks that have wowed his audiences by bringing a modern and exciting face to the Angels, Ancestors & Ascended Masters

Kyle’s books and cards have been translated into many languages and currently have 60+ international publishing deals allowing this sacred work to reach far and wide across the globe. All of Kyle’s books and decks are published with Hay House which is the biggest Mind Body Spirit publisher in the world.


Certified Crystal Energy Guide Training is a comprehensive Level 1 Crystal Therapy training that is accredited by the Complementary Medical Association. Upon completion you can operate as a qualified crystal therapist and use the designation ‘Crystal Energy Guide’ on your website, business cards and social media. 

During your training you will be eligible to join the Complementary Medical Association! This membership allows you to use your credentials to apply for professional insurance to protect you and those you work with.

As a Certified Crystal Energy Guide and Qualified Crystal Therapist you’ll be able to:

  •     Hold sacred and safe space for others to experience the healing properties of crystals.
  •     Lead energetic body scans to receive information on what areas of the body need more energy and love.
  •     Administer crystals to support the healing and replenishing of others.
  •     Prescribe/recommend crystals and gemstones to support others on their healing journey. 
  •     Offer professional in person and distant crystal therapy sessions.
  •     Hold qualification in combining crystals with reiki and other energy healing sessions.

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