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Juice Guru Institute

Juice Guru Institute is verified and accredited through the Complementary Medical Association (CMA) and the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP).

They are considered the #1 online school that certifies juice therapists worldwide using 'The Juice Guru Method®'.

The comprehensive curriculum allow students to receive certification as a Certified Juice Therapist and qualify for certification as a Holistic Health Practitioner through the AADP upon graduation.

The impressive program is taught by the leaders in health and wellness education, including Dr. Joel Fuhrman MD, Dr. Thomas Lodi, MD, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD, Dr. Stephen Bailey, ND, Dr. Jameth Sheridan, DHM. 

Other faculty include other leaders in the wellness and juicing movement, including the legendary Juiceman Jay Kordich, Juice Guru Steve Prussack, health influencer Chef Babette Davis, the legendary Sproutman Steve Meyerowitz, Professor Spira and others.

The program includes business building tools and strategies that have been reviewed as "second to none" (according to Sarah Verlinde, Certified Juice Therapist).

Graduates have created successful practices leading health retreats, workshops, working one-on-one with clients as health coaches, opening juice bars and delivery services and more.

What people say


Steve Prussack, founder of Juice Guru Institute, opens the door to new levels of health. He is doing the work that can change your life and I endorse his work. I recommend JGI.
Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Bestselling Author


I recommend JGI to anyone looking to amplify their own health and build a successful business helping others. I was an avid juicer before enrolling and I learned so much more!
Chef Babette Davis, Vegan Influencer


This is an awesome program! Very informative and easy to digest. I highly recommend everyone take this course. It does not matter, if you are applying for business, or for self care. Anyone would benefit from the tools gained from the Juice Guru Certification Program.
Gina Mariposa, Certified Juice Therapist


Juice Guru has given me the insight to take my newfound love and knowledge of juicing to the next level. I am about 1/2 way through the program and I am already feeling more confident about sharing this passion with others. I love how the program is self paced, but with plenty of guidance. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me as I think about my next steps as a Certified Juice Therapist! Thanks JGI!
Whitney Wollenberg, Certified Juice Therapist


I started my journey with the “Juice Guru Institute” in January. I’d been a juice enthusiast, prior to this, already posting videos and sharing the benefits of juicing; specifically where it relates to my life as a current breast cancer warrior. I kept seeing ads populate for them and, decided to check it out because I didn’t know this was “a thing”. I attended an information session and, that was IT, I HAD to sign up for the certification. The information and the mission of JGI was in total alignment with what I’d been wanting and needing to help guide my purpose. The training is so in-depth. The information presented by all of the participants is so potent and filling. All of the resources provided truly makes this Institute valid. I absolutely love it and 100% recommend it. Steve is truly hands-on and personally involved in the process. He is readily accessible to answer questions and offer feedback. I could not have anticipated how immensely pleased I am with this certification program.
Suzette Francis, Certified Juice Therapist


I have just completed Module 1 of 5 and I am totally amazed about the amount of information; the instant connection with staff and immediately response. I do feel upon completion of the certification program I will have a solid foundation for building, sustaining and growing a very fruitful juicing and smoothie business with truly AWESOME resources and guidance from Juice Guru Institute. I highly recommend Juice Guru Institute for anyone serious about being in control of your own health and healing yourself naturally!
Annie Tyrell, RN, BSN


My experience at Juice Guru Institute has been very positive. The administrators are invested in the education and growth of their students - and the program can be equally beneficial to holistic practitioners, entrepreneurs and juicing newbies alike.

Adjustments are made as needed to meet the needs of the student. Self-Paced classes, interviews with renowned professors, interesting lectures, reinforced topics… have all enabled me to gain more confidence in my knowledge and daily juicing ritual.

In addition to the fundamentals of juicing, I’ve acquired key business techniques and go-to juice recipes that can be shared with my family, friends and clients. Plus, it is nice to know that as a graduate I will continue to have many additional resources at my fingertips! I am grateful for my experience.
Kellen Day, Certified Juice Therapist


Juice Guru Institute is one of the best nutrition school i have attended.

Carolle Letang, Certified Juice Therapist


The training is amazing and very informative and it will teach you everything you want to know about juicing and the benefits of juicing.
Carvel St John


Juice Guru has absolutely helped me change my life for the better. The information, the community the support. Juice Guru is all you will ever need when it comes to the juicing.
Esther Ross


If you want to learn about the amazing health benefits from juicing, the juice guru institute is the place to go. They have it all from where how when and why. Juice is where it's at. Go see for yourself. You won't regret it.
Raymond Deckert


I recommend the Juice Guru Institute for its personalized services. This school knows each candidate and support is always there.
Nancy Krueger, Certified Juice Therapist


The Juice Guru Certification Program is amazing. The content and info is awesome, especially if you are interested in improving your health and wellness and quality of life while helping others.
Yanez Veronica


I highly recommend Juice Guru Institute!! I had the pleasure of taking this course a couple of years ago and I loved it! You get to work at your own pace and the resources are endless, with the biggest resource being Steve, himself!! If you are interested in living a healthy lifestyle, helping friends and family with weight loss, healing from the inside, or adding to your health and wellness business, Juice Guru Institute is where it's at!!!
Marisa Marks Northcross, Certified Juice Therapist


I love that this program is at your pace and filled with amazing content to help guide you to a much healthier lifestyle. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and prompt with returning calls and messages.
Felisha Osha Felder


I learned so much more about juicing through the Juice Guru certification. I now feel confident using this modality to support my clients health needs. My family is benefitting too! I would highly recommend this certification.
Barbara Ann Bruno Walters, Certified Juice Therapist


A big thumbs up to Steve on spreading the message of juicing and healthy living to all generations to come. I highly endorse Steve Prussack Juice Guru and Juice Guru Institute.
Legendary Juiceman Jay Kordich


I recommend JGI to anyone looking to amplify their own health and build a successful business helping others. I was an avid juicer before enrolling and I learned so much more!
Stephanie Leach, Certified Juice Therapist


The Juice Guru program was perfect for me.
I’ve enjoyed juicing over the years and certainly have seen how it’s changed my life.
With this inspiring course I am able to take it to another level and help others take responsibility for their own health, and there’s never been a more needed time.
Jenny Taylor, Certified Juice Therapist


I am learning SO much from the Juice Guru course and applying it for my own health and wellness. I cannot wait to be able to create programs for my community and clients. Thank you for the extensive, passionate knowledge!
Tisha Belle Johnson, Certified Juice Therapist


This program is a Godsent. I am learning so much for the benefit of myself and my family. The bonus is, Juice Guru Institute show you how to make a business out of it as well. I am so grateful.
Amy Edwards Moumin, Certified Juice Therapist


The Juice Guru program is packed full of knowledge to help you on your journey to wellness throughout your life cycle. The course is self-paced and inspiring. It is such a bright light during this unprecedented health crisis!
Jennifer Alves, Certified Juice Therapist


I just recently became a CJT and the course is packed with valuable information to help yourself and help others. The program is super informative and explained in a simple way that makes sense. It’s self paced which is great for those like myself who have a busy work schedule. Glad I took the course. Looking forward to helping others as well as building a juicing business that can benefit those looking to supercharge there health.
Melissa Roy, Certified Juice Therapist


Highly recommend! Steve’s passion/mission to help everyone live a life of health and vitality is admirable! Loads of valuable info!
Valerie Darville


Want to know anything about Juicing? Take the Juice Guru Institute program. So much knowledge and information amazing.
Sandee Polston Hamrick


So much great reliable information to help clients and populations with juicing.
Arti Kumar-Jain


Loving the program! So much great information!
Jennifer Hallson-Sigfusson


These people have a mission to just help others, this program is awesome.


I absolutely love this program! Since embarking on this journey I have lost weight, I am in the process of starting my very own juice business, and I achieved a 10 year dream of being a Board Certified Holistic Health Care Practitioner! Hats off to all of the professors and staff at Juice Guru Institute. They are running a truly heart centered organization. I couldn't ask for a better way to start 2021!
Christine Jackson, Certified Juice Therapist


Becoming certified is one of the best things I did. Even if you already live this lifestyle there is always room for growth, and with Juice Guru Institute you will feel confident in helping people through this modality knowing that you have stepped beyond the fluff and into a foundation that brings in science. Steve Prussack is passionate about what he does. Even if you already have a Juicing business gaining credentials and being accredited through Juice Guru Institute is a great investment in your business as you empower others to experience better health through juicing.
Bonnie Gannett, Certified Juice Therapist


I am taking module 2 of the Juice Guru Certification and I am learning so much about juicing, myself and my family are benefitting to. Steve Prussack is very knowledgeable and passionate that is contagious. I highly recommend this certification.
Maggie Loyola


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