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Journey to The Heart and Soul

Our Reiki courses are taught to the highest possible standards, which includes Yoga and meditation. Our courses will empower you to maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit, enabling you to take responsibility for every aspect of your well being and life.

Journey To The Heart and Soul offers four levels of Reiki Training including Reiki Teacher training.

Reiki 1 introduces you to regular attunements to help increase the energy flow throughout your body. You will learn about the history of Reiki and how to give and receive a Reiki Treatment. Medidation, breathing techniques and Yoga postures will help you to remain focused and enjoy the start of your Reiki journey.

Reiki 2, continues with further attunements making your treatment of yourself and others more powerful. You will learn how to send healing to people who cannot be with you. This part of your Reiki training will set you on the path to becoming a Reiki Practitioner should you wish to do so.

Reiki 3, is all about finding out who you really are. It is about self mastery and personal development, preparation for becoming a teacher of Reiki. In order to help others, we must first deal with our own issues and fully accept ourselves. You will work closely with a Master to gain confidence and knowledge and take you further on your journey of spiritual development.

Teacher Training, following your Reiki Master Teacher attunement, you will really begin the journey in which you have learned to connect with higher levels of Reiki energy. Many of our students say that becoming a Reiki Master Teacher is a life changing experience. Life won't suddenly be free of challenges, you will however, be empowered with the ability to heal old habits and make changes, helping to take your life to new depths.  You will be inspired to share your gift with others.

A Reiki course with a difference

In addition to the Reiki we will also be teaching and enabling you to experience the practice of Yoga, which will include meditation, relaxation and breathing techniques. Each of these disciplines will help you to remain calm, centred and focused throughout the weekend and with practice, these qualities will flow into your everyday life to help you face and deal with life's challenges.

Our courses are taught to the highest standard and we encourage a way forward which helps to bring together medical and complimentary health professionals.


What people say


"A course like no other!"

Natalie Sanderson, The Times


"I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful, uplifting, enjoyable weekend. You are doing such good work and you are very professional. Well done!"
Sara, Surrey


"We so enjoyed our weekend with you. It was beautifully orchestrated by you and your team, you all compliment each other so well. After 16 years, I at last feel I have turned a corner, and for that I am extremely grateful."
Pam, Oxfordshire


"The information could not have been given in a better way. The synthesis of the Reiki with the Yoga made for a perfect combination."
Natalie, London


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