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Ibn Sina College Ltd

Ibn Sina Institute is an educational establishment that is created by Sh. Tabeeb Atabek Shukurov (CEO) in order to resurrect the lost Arabo-Greek Medicine. Institute includes three departments; 

1. Educational, 

2. Laboratory, 

3. Clinic.

- The Educational department of the institute provides various ranges of courses on different aspects of Arabo-Greek Medicine which includes: History or Herbal Medicine, Different schools, Fathers of the Herbal Medicine, Theoretical and Practical aspects of it, and many other subjects. The institute works to connect the herbalists from all across the world from different backgrounds who practice herbal medicine from different schools.

- Laboratory of the institute is where junior and senior students of the institute as well as the other researchers in the field carry their practical researches to test the remedies and to design a cure for specific illnesses. All of the tests and laboratory works are held under the supervision of Sh. Hakeem Atabek Shukurov and his Senior students.


- Clinic is the department of the institute which looks after the patients and serves the people who need for herbal assistance

Our learning services

Herbal Medicine Course (Islamic and Greek Herbal Medical Program)

  • It is a unique course teaching theoretical and practical modules

  • The course includes study of ancient manuscripts, dating back over 800 years old.

  • It is a three years structured part time distance (online) learning course. 

  • The course will give graduates the ability to diagnose illnesses and make herbal remedies.

  • On successful completion students will be given certification (Ijazah and/or Isnaad) and will have the opporutnity to join the institute's admin/teaching panel or become a partner.


Our treatment services

  • Herbal Medicine Clinic (General Health and Diagnosis) - Cancer Support incl. recovery after treatment, Heart Conditions (bypass, palpitation), Liver Diseases, Kidney Diseases (Urine Infection), Brain Illnesses (Migraine, Skitofenia, Epilepsy, Shaking Hands, Sleeping Problems, Melancholic, Neurological Illnesses including Genetic, Child Development, Skin and Allergic Conditions including hair loss, lipoma, eczema, acne etc, Thyroid, Bowel Diseases including Colitis, Natural Fertility (Impotence), Sexual Transmitted Diseases, Drug Addiction Treatment, Bone, Joint and Muscle Pain including arthritis, Diabetics, Blood Pressure and more

  • Spirituality (Ruqya) Clinic - Feeling Negative, Life Problems, Marital Problems, Depression Problems, Bad Habits, Psychological Issues and other sprirtiual problems including Magic (Sihr), Possession (Masaha), Evil Eye (Ayn) and more.

  • Cupping (Hijama) Clinic

  • Specialist Clinics - Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Health and Diet, Beauty Clinic etc)


Spreading awareness

  • We also work with the communities and societies both locally in the UK as well abroad to keep a joint events and retreats in order to spread awareness about the lost Islamic heritage.
  • We work to bring the junior and senior herbalists to work together to find a solutions to the life threatening illnesses.
  • There are a lot of potential genus herbalists among people. Our events will help those people to discover themselves so that they can start developing their talent and serving the Humanity.



  • We support our students to research and develop their own style in Herbal Medicine. Our qualified seniour students supervise a team of juniour students (3-4) to make different standard and costumized remedies, and apply them in various type of illnesses.
  • It is very important for the students to find the most suitable style which they will be using in their practice in the future. That cannot be created by the student themselves, rather qualifed herbalist has to supervise the entire development durungout the whole procedure. 
  • The most advanced students will join the team under the supervision of Sh. Hakeem Atabek Shukurov for the further development of their unique style. 

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