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Holistic Tai Chi Qigong Training Academy UK

Therapeutic Tai Chi Qigong, Moving Meditation Session Leader Course.

This course provides you with the opportunity to lead sessions of therapeutic moving mediation. This Tai Chi Qigong 18 movement set will help your clients to relax and de-stress.


All therapies support our clients in their unique way.  We can add another dimension by offering Tai Chi Qigong sessions, giving our clients the opportunity to be more involved in the process of their own well-being, taking responsibility for their own health.


Successful completion of the 6-day course, and post course case study work, will provide you with a Session Leader certificate to be able to lead a set of 18 movements. Each movement supports the body in a unique way but when the whole set is practiced, in the correct order, it creates a harmony of body and mind. Imagine several different individual instruments, which are beautiful in their own right but when brought together create so much more.


The course we offer is designed to teach you, whether you have any background in Tai Chi Qigong or not, how to lead an 18 Movement Qigong set, baed on Shibashi Set1, which is designed to enable participants to learn to relax, to de-stress and move with complete balance in a safe environment. The course is run over 6 days, usually 3 non consecutive weekends.


We have over 25 years’ experience in our field, are passionate about this health art and love sharing our knowledge. We also offer support after the course and an opportunity for further development for those who wish to go on to explore more.


Debbie & Mark look forward to hearing from you.

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