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Healing InSight

Enabling self-healing

Healing InSight’s profound new system guides you to ‘help yourself’ into a better feeling state. It’s more than just affirmations, the method actively directs you to your personal priority belief statements and facilitates your vibrational realignment. This enabling of belief change through various energy healing and energy psychology principles can positively transform your beliefs and your life.

We ALL carry old programs and structures within the mental and emotional bodymind that we feel on a cellular level. The two day in-person or online training teaches you how to identify and work through your own programs in a conscious way. It gives you an understanding of how to optimally work with the method to achieve release, realignment and resonance with new potential and possibility. With use of the manifestation process, the course assists you to mop up any remaining resistance to the New that may reside in the head, heart or gut, leaving you a complete vibrational resonance with your preferred way of being.

How Healing InSight works

The system uses a series of chakra-related affirmations together with specific bodywork exercises to bring about healing. The key here is the practice of combining ‘emptiness and allowing’ with the infinity harmonising movement and a focused intent. Together these enable the resistance to being the greatest version of yourself to arise and release, facilitating alignment and resonance with the New. It’s this vibrational resonance with the New that calls in, through your point of attraction, new experience in your everyday life.

Nikki helps you discover where unhealthy beliefs may have taken root, release resistance and change and realign your beliefs to open up the possibility for change. In doing this she draws on kinesiology, the ancient spiritual practice of qigong, whole-brain integration, visualisation and infinity symbol exercises as well as her practical knowledge of energy and psychology.

Green and Blue-Level: Become a practitioner

This profound new system is a great way for any complimentary health practitioner to incorporate transformational mental and emotional support into their work. Discover tools to assist clients through their own empowering journey – including the process of identifying and releasing unconscious resistance to growth and expansion – enabling alignment with new belief and vibration.

These achievable and accessible courses are available both online or in-person; additional practitioners and teachers of this new modality are always welcome to bring the possibility of healing across the globe. Healing InSight® is a CMA (Complimentary Medical Association) approved School of Excellence, which enables practitioners to practice with assurance and indemnity cover. There is also a system for your ongoing support where practitioners can access Mentors, or indeed become a Healing Insight Mentor as you grow in your practitioner role, perhaps to Trainer or Teacher Trainer level should you enjoy the Healing Insight® journey and possibilities.

If you are practicing other complementary therapy modalities, or have had a caring professional role, then you are eligible to train as a practitioner. The method is a beautiful tool for coaches, counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists to use within your therapeutic practice to facilitate deep belief change work, whilst empowering clients. For NLP, kinesiologists or reiki practitioners, this is a wonderful tool to assist in addressing the mind as part of the mind body spirit whole, in achieving emotional freedom and liberation from old mental patterns that shape our perceptions and experiences.

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Yellow level: Part 1, Learning the method for personal use.

Green level: Part 2, Practitioner Training.

Blue Level: Part 3, Manifestation Practitioner Training.

Indigo: Part 4, Mentor Training.

Violet: Part 5, Healing InSight Yellow Level Trainer.

White: Part 6, Healing InSight Teacher Trainer.

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